Spain and the Cuban slave trade is alive and well

The Cuban political prisoners that reportedly are being freed and allowed to leave are neither.  They are mere slaves in a $cam to prop up a murderous dictator for the $ake of business as usual.  How is the current practice of the state selling the labor of Cuban workers , more here, and here, to the highest bidder any different than past slave masters renting the labor of their slaves?  They work if they want to eat, and keep their mouths shut if they want to avoid punishment.  

Ending five-hundred plus years of exploitation is something the Spanish government is unwilling to do.  Not as long as it is profitable and they get by with it. 

How nice of Spain to to accept Cuba’s unwilling cast offs. I wonder, is the payoff is a bigger piece of the anticipated U.S. tourist pie as reward, or are they merely protecting their current business interests?

 As Rayarena commented on Alberto’s post below, ” Can you imagine if Mandela had been released only to be exiled? The roaring condemnations from the MSM would be deafening.”

When it comes to Cuban political prisoners,  it is the MSM’s silence that is deafening.  ¡Ya no más!


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  1. Yeah, but don’t forget Cubans doing little or nothing about Spain’s exploitation. One big reason practically nobody respects us is that we don’t respect ourselves enough to inspire respect from others.

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