“We, the undersigned Cuban political prisoners, totally REJECT all dialogue by others with the Castro regime. We DEMAND the relese of ALL Cuban political prisoners.”

La Cabana’s “recreation area.”

“We DEMAND that the Castro regime–the most repressive regime in the history of the Americas–release of ALL Cuban political prisoner.”

“We reject ALL “dialogue” by self-appointed “exile-leaders” with the Castro regime. Based on the history of horrors we’ve experienced in Castro’s jails we know that this “dialogue” is nothing more than a propaganda ploy by the regime to fool the outside world, including certain sectors of the exile community.”

We reject all “dialogue” that seeks our release at the price of surrendering our principles. We will not bend. Nobody–and we stress, NOBODY–is authorized to speak for us.

“If Castro thinks the price paid by the long list of Cuban political prisoners –with its long list of martyrs, those crippled for life or driven insane by incessant tortures, those mutilated, those heroic women prisoners mercilessly beaten and aged way beyond their years by the tortures–if he thinks that the price paid by such an immense toll of suffering is small, well let the regime do what they like. But we hereby declare that we posses enough reserves of morale and conviction to remain unbowed in the face of their tortures, as we’ve remained unbowed for close to twenty years.”

“We wont negotiate our freedom, because we won’t negotiate our principles.”

“These words define our unalterable positions. Here are our signatures.

Entire intransigence with a capitol I (in spanish, here.)

And some wonder why we call them “Cuba’s Greatest Generation”….?

Absolutely Unreal valor.

(HT Tony de la Cova)