The more things change, the more they stay the same

While the world joins in with the regime, Spain, and Cuba’s immoral Catholic Church leadership in celebrating their latest “breakthrough,” the Castro tyranny continues to do what they do best: oppress the Cuban people and any foreigner that tries to help.

From Capitol Hill Cubans:

Another American Detained in Cuba?

With the foreign media distracted by the Cuban Catholic Church’s announcement that 47 political prisoners may be released during the next three to four months, independent journalists in Cuba are reporting raids on opposition activists and the possible arrest of another American.

According to Cubanet, on Monday evening, the Castro regime’s secret police raided the home of opposition leader Idalmis Nunez Reinosa of the FLAMUR Movement (Federation of Rural Latin American Women).

During the raid, the regime confiscated 3 color printers, ink cartridges, a photocopy machine and 3 digital cameras.

Nunez Reinosa told the journalists that she had received this equipment earlier that morning with the help of an American visitor, identified as John, whom the authorities notified her had been detained.

On December 3rd of last year, an American citizen, Alan Gross, was detained for helping the Jewish community in Cuba connect to the Internet. He is still being held without charges or trial.

But let’s not be party poopers and ruin their celebration by pointing out these very important facts. So what if Cubans are still enslaved and there are still thousands of them rotting in jail? So what if it appears another American has been arrested for doing what we are told all American tourists will be doing once the travel restrictions are lifted? There is a party going on and we are going to ruin it.

We should put aside our petty obsession with justice and truth and join Spain and Cuba’s Catholic Church in raising our glasses to toast the Castro regime, which has the uncanny ability to change while not changing at all.

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  1. It’s a bad time now for Americans in Cuba. With Cuba releasing some of their hostages, they’re going to be looking to replace them with ‘Americanos’ (enough of them to barter for the “5 Heroes”).

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