Fidel Castro finally steps out–first public sighting in 4 years.


HAVANA (Reuters) – Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro made his first known public appearance since falling ill four years ago in a visit this week to a Havana scientific facility, a blog reported on Saturday.

Photographs taken with a cell phone and posted with the pro-government blog showed a smiling Castro, 83, chatting with people said to have gathered around him as he was leaving the National Centre of Scientific Investigations.

Take note! According to the authoritative Reuters scoop: the fotos above were all somehow taken totally SURREPTITIOUSLY by random admirers!

Julia Sweig, Silvia Wilhelm, Barbara Walters, Andrea Mitchell, Marifeli Perez-Stable, Maria de los Angeles Torres, Sarah Stephens, Ana Louise Bardach, among many others, react to news

15 thoughts on “Fidel Castro finally steps out–first public sighting in 4 years.”

  1. My thought exactly Ziva. The word in Havana is that the announced release of the political prisoners was a show of weakness on the part of Raul. It has backfired internally in Cuba as it causes people to realize that if it was so bad what the dissidents did then why release them? Or if it wasn’t so bad then why arrest them? So it is logical that Fidel would want to flex the fact that he is still around. Otherwise it could empower people to act. Timing is indeed everything.

  2. Humberto,
    You posted the wrong photo. Go to the commie sight and see the 2nd photo. It shows his handler propping his arm up so he can look as though he is waving.

  3. Indeed, amigos. “I’m still running the show” seems like the message here. And don’t know, Pototo. She looks a bit like Julia Sweig? Maybe she just wanted to touch him?…But YES I noticed that. Thanks for the note.

  4. Looks like pure unadulterated shit, corpse or mumified, or the same, just can’t shake off the feeling he is about to say “this is Larry King”….

  5. “…in a visit this week to a Havana scientific facility” –really? Do most Havana scientific facilities have doors made out of bars? I wonder which branch of science they pursue there.

  6. That photo just does not look right

    the person shown seems to have a

    larger chest than ever before or is

    that a protective jacket?

  7. Yeah, the message is certainly “I’m still running the show”. Yet, three points must be made. First, they are doing the utter minimum in the hopes of USA becoming their new john, to a point that is truly retarded. This reappearance for publicity, coupled with their desire to have the catholic church sponsor the expatriation of some political prisoners, is all a very miserable attempt in search of such from USA. But why do I call it miserable and retarded? Because all that good altar boy, born again christian charade with the catholic church from the part of Castro has been going on since the 1990s, and aside from it being pathetic, it has proven pretty useless. I think Castro is out of touch here. If not even Clinton cared about Castro’s new “friendship” with the Pope, you better believe no one will buy, nor care, about his friendship with three miserable ass-kissing cardinals, much less now after 12 years of the same stalinist oppression, a much more discredited church, and under an international recession.

    Secondly, let’s be real, that old-fart, narcissist, incoherent, and crazy piece of shit is running nothing. He is being held there by his subordinates for their own security. Castro put them there; and thus, they want to keep Castro there, even if mummified. And I am pretty sure that the main one feeling this way is Raul Castro.

    Lastly, one thing must be said here. A lot of people refer to Castro’s regime as a mafia, but despite certain parallels, that aberrational trash is no mafia. Mafias are smarter and more practical. If Cuba’s communist regime were a mafia, the self-centered and stuck on soviet mode Castro brothers would have been eliminated years ago right after the fall of the USSR. Why? Because keeping that restraining and egotistical dinosaur in power is a huge waste of time and money for those in the top ranks. Although Castro’s top oligarchy and its subordinates make good money out of their positions, they would by making 100 times more if it weren’t for Castro’s absurd social and economic restrictions, immense money loosing restrictions put in place for the sole purpose of protecting his very self at the expense of all else as Cuba is not even producing at one third of its potential. Let’s not even talk about pre-communist Cuba, North Korea vs. South Korea, or Eastern Europe today in contrast to the former communist years, just imagine the imbecility had China, like Vietnam, continued the Mao line to this very day. More so, when considering that today most of the money in Cuba is coming from the button up, not the top down via a soviet subsidy check right out of Castro’s pocket, such servitude towards such a delusional, slavish, and economically inept egomaniac is pretty absurd. Thus this is no mafia, this is A SECT; and like a sect (or a very stupid mafia), these people are going down together and repeating the madman’s bullshit till the end like plain brainless imbeciles. They may salivate over the chinese model but they are too mediocre and full of shit for the Chinese model, simple as that. So let’s not even worry about that one either.

    If even after 20 years since the fall of the USSR those lie repeating and ass-kissing idiots have not yet realized that Castro does not represent their future, but their fall, they are going down for the myopic and mediocre sons of bitches they ultimately are and that is surely why Castro put them there. Hey, if right now the capitalist world is in economic hardship, just image a place that has not had a market economy since 1960 yet depends on the capitalistic world, come on. Let them parade their mummy all they want, the way things are going I truly can’t imagine the that ship floating for much long.

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