On Tonight’s “Infidel’s Watch”: The Cuban Prisoner Release

George (and hopefully Alberto) will be on my BTR show tonight, “Infidel’s Watch“, to discuss the background, details, and political aspects of the developing Cuban prisoner release.

You can listen to the show here starting @ 10:00pm eastern time (7pm west coast).

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1 thought on “On Tonight’s “Infidel’s Watch”: The Cuban Prisoner Release”

  1. I am a fan of Blog Talk Radio and tonight I listened to Chandlers Watch and the participation of the members of Babalu’s team. As staunch Anti Communist ,I am glad that the subject of Cuban political system and how the cancer has being allow to spread all over the continent was approach and I found very courageous , the sharing of the experiences regarding the Left Wing Column which is very entrenched in the Catholic Church. I know fellow Americans Catholic Conservatives however, they seems to have a problem facing the hard truth that in our church, the Left has taken hold controlling schools, religious orders, and holding high posts in the Vatican. They see the Vatican in a pristine way like the knight in shining armor.I know that many members of the press attack religion and enjoy attack against Christianity while they are silent against Islam by products, horror and sharia law and maybe such situation generates from fellow Catholics Conservatives a lot misinformed feelings of loyalty toward the Vatican. The double standard of the media makes the Vatican , look like a victim in their minds.

    However ,I attended Catholic school and I can bear witness that the testimony of Catholic priests teaching Pro Communist material is truth and many of the professors and graduated students which I have met , they are Left Wing , Pro Socialists and Anti American. And where the buck stop at the end of the day , in the main boss desk, the Vatican.

    I believe in God and I differentiate between the masses and the leadership while many Catholics perished under the devilish Communist systems, John XXIII , so praised by Vatican II , followed a hand off of unilateral, appeasement toward the evil of Communism , while Liberation Theology , the Marxist devilish doctrine was supported by the heads of religious orders , Father Arrupe, was named, the Red Pope, many of the leaders who support such doctrines were not remove from their posts even during the term of the Anti Communist, John Paul II, and even during his term in the Catholic academia, parishes and charity organization, the Catholic Left continue to indoctrinate American, European, Latin American , Asians etc youth unchecked . As per today ,, students from Notre Dame, or other Catholic school are expose to Left wing indoctrination .
    Spite of the great devotion for the Vatican and the authorities of the church which many of my fellow Conservatives Americans hold , the inaction of the leadership , or the authorities of the Church makes the Vatican ultimate responsible for the great crisis. and the consequences of Catholic institutions producing , soldiers for the Revolution?!
    I doubt that our Lord Jesus and the Vatican are in the same sync.

    . The Vatican has not stop it and the point was well made, if the Vatican did not stop the sexual abuse in America for decades ( and one never knows how many cases are happening in other places where is more difficult to hold authorities accountable>)
    The lady who said that the press only report negative and
    About getting the news from the source ,the Vatican, well, I assume that the lady in Chandlers’s show has not read The Pope encyclical approving World Government Control by the UN or the gentleman who rightly so, said that a Marine knows obedience so the people should obey the Church, I assume , he meant the Vatican , maybe he had not read
    our Pope, new list of new Mortal Sins , excessive wealth is included but Communism is not and I read a press report in which the Church leaders blamed the ’embargo’ not the Communist economical systems as the one which is real reason for Cuban economical disaster.

    Keep fighting for Cuban freedom and defending the freedom at home because our great nation, America is in need of all our support

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