Something Stinks in the FL-25 Republican Race

Those of you who live in South Florida have probably heard about the controversy surrounding last week’s meeting of the Miami GOP Executive Committee in which District 25 Republican candidate Paul Crespo was confronted by local police after his 2+ minute speech.

For those of you outside of South Florida, here’s a quick primer:

Paul Crespo, local radio commentator and regular guest on Spanish-language current event programs, president of Civica Americana, and former Miami Herald contributor who was “released” from that duty in 2006 in the infamous Oscar Corral TV/Radio Marti “conflict of interest” fiasco, is running against two other candidates; Marili Cancio and David Rivera. Rivera is a current member of the Florida House and the Executive Director of the Miami-Dade County GOP. Name and party recognition make Rivera the current favorite to win the GOP primary.

At the GOP Executive Meeting last month, each candidate was given two minutes to speak. Paul Crespo went slightly over his two-minute time, spending the extra time “respectfully” asking for David Rivera’s resignation from his Miami-Dade GOP leadership position. Shortly after Crespo stepped off the podium, he was confronted by at least two local police officers for what in all indications was merely for speaking over his time limit.

The Shark Tank is all over this story and has a video released by Crespo which shows that Miami-Dade GOP leadership may have played a direct role in asking police officers to approach Crespo after his speech.

If the video even remotely captures the true events which unfolded that evening, it’s a huge shame to the GOP leadership in Miami-Dade County and a prime reflection of the spreading of the political-establishment-cancer from Washington to other precincts. This incident needs to get out beyond South Florida because it illustrates the corruption in our political establishment, regardless of party, and why we need to get behind candidates who aren’t beholden to their political parties.

Here’s the link once again to the video released by Crespo’s camp. Take a close look at it and decide for yourself.

3 thoughts on “Something Stinks in the FL-25 Republican Race”

  1. I have known both men casually for a while. I met David back in ’92 and to put it mildly I didn’t like him. Kind of pompous, arrogant and annoying. I’ve had a lot more dealings with him since and can say that personally he is not a bad guy – sharp elbows and ruthless in politics, but not a bad guy otherwise.

    Paul, I’ve known since the recount in 2000 and he is what you see. He is the man that you see on TV – maybe it’s the Marine in him but he can’t put on a front. He is brilliant and intense, perhaps too earnest and intense but a true patriot and probably one of the smartest guys you will ever meet. Anyone that knows Rivera knows that he probably set this up, his fingerprints won’t be found but no doubt he did it. Unfortunate because as much as I like Paul, David has too much going for him in this race. It’s idiotic to try to crush an underfunded opponent. All you do is lend credence to said opponents contention that the big man in the race is running scared.

    Correction on the reasons behind Paul being dropped – it’s a long story probably best told by him but it had nothing to do with controversy surrounding Corral’s piece. Paul was no longer on the editorial board by the time the story came out. This is not to say that the Herald didn’t screw him over but not for that story.

    One thing that Paul needs to be credited for is the election of George W in 2000. That little mini-riot that broke out when election dept. officials tried to disappear behind closed doors was organized by “The Captain.”

  2. At the end of the day despite we are going to get a Republican worth voting for once this primary is over. It’s a shame that this nasty war has broken out.

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