Hizb ut Tahrir (The Party of Liberation)

A rather scary, but not new, story on the agenda of one Islamic group, meeting right here in the Heartland. But don’t fret: there’s nothing to worry about. We’re hysterical in our assertions about everything.

“I’m not presenting the Islamic system as one of the alternatives – or an alternative. This is a defeatist and apologetic approach. The Islamic system is the only alternative for mankind.” –A speaker at the Hizb ut Tahrir Khalifa Conference in Wembley Arena, London, 1994


Hizb ut Tahrir is a self-described Islamic political movement active in well over forty countries, driven to conform the thoughts, emotions, and relationships of society in accordance with Islamic thoughts, emotions, and relationships, so that all of life’s affairs are governed by sharia law. Its goal is to destroy the corrupt Western capitalist culture which has ravaged and enslaved the Ummah, the worldwide Muslim community, and has propped up secular Arab regimes that stand in the way of re-establishing the Caliphate, a state guided by true Muslim values.


Unfortunately, what we kafirs think is irrelevant. What matters is that the zealots of Hizb ut Tahrir believe in the inevitability of their sharia utopia as unwaveringly as we believe the sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning – and they are acting on it with more passionate conviction than most complacent, blasé Western youth of today are capable of generating. HT sees Western capitalism, especially under Obama, as verging on implosion, and Western culture as hopelessly weak and decadent. And that leaves the Islamist true believers poised to emerge triumphant. As the conference promo proclaims; “The time is ripe. The Ummah is ready. Khilafah is on the horizon.”

We may dismiss their dream as irrational, and their U.S. presence as insignificant, but future generations may wish we had taken Hizb ut Tahrir more seriously – or the ideas of freedom, democracy, and human rights that we take for granted may one day seem just as distant a dream to our descendants as a resurgent caliphate seems to us now.