Not on Cuban TV: Dozens arrested in Cuba

Or anywhere else in the news that I’ve seen.

Just a few days ago, in an article posted here at Babalu, the Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos said, “…the important thing was Castro’s decision to “definitively” end the issue of political prisoners in Cuba.”

Oh really?  Yesterday, while all was abuzz over the cadavers TV appearance, this was happening. Anyone see it anywhere in the MSM news?

From OZT:

Dozens arrested after honoring victims of 1994 tugboat massacre

Independent press agency Hablemos Press informs [in Spanish] that dozens of opposition and human rights activists were arrested by police in Cuba this Tuesday after honoring the victims of the tugboat 13 de Marzo.

Arrests began in the [Cuban] capital at noon on Tuesday when a group of 30 people, convened at the city’s seawall (el Malecón) by Liga Cívica Martiana (Josè Martí Civic League) and other dissident movements, performed a public protest.

Opposition activists denounced the detentions and called them “arbitrary.” Many of them reported to this agency about their situations and the conditions of their arrests from inside police stations via telephone.

Among those arrested are Julián Guerra Deriet, Oscar Sierra Hernández, Flores Borroto, Niurka Caridad Ortega, Ernesto Rodríguez López, Carmelo Rodríguez Rodríguez, Raúl Parada Ramírez, Humberto Martínez Almeida, Hermógenes Inocencio Guerrero, Julio César Jorrín, Juana María Oquendo Gómez, Joel Lázaro Carbonel Aguilar, María Nélida López Báez, Manuel Morejón Soler, Luis Roberto Arcia Rodríguez and María Elena Mir Marrero in La Habana; Hugo Prieto Quevedo, Yosvanis Alonso Brito, Denis Díaz González and Nilo Justino Padrón in Pinar del Río and Rogelio Tabio López in Guantánamo.

Jorge Corrales Ceballo, independent journalist in Guantánamo and Luis Felipe Rojas, poet and journalist in Holguín, were placed under house arrest, and kept under tight surveillance by agents of the political police. In Santiago de Cuba, there were arrests, but the names [of those arrested] could not be confirmed.

Some of those arrested were released at night, after being issued warnings.

Then again castro always did enjoy making fools of easily manipulated politicians.

8 thoughts on “Not on Cuban TV: Dozens arrested in Cuba”

  1. My, my what a surprise! So that ever falling number of dissidents [er, uh, 167] is suddenly going to [inconveniently] jump up again!

    Let’s see what contortions and somersaults Moratinos does in order to continue pleading with the EU to lift all sanctions!

  2. Check this out. From the newspaper ABC. The two most recent dissidents to arrive in Spain have asked the European Union not to lift sanctions against Cuba, because their “freeing” doesn’t mean that Cuba is democratizing. What’s more, they rejected the status of “immigrant” which is what the Spanish gov’t has given them. Oh, uh, things are not going that smoothly for Moratinos!

  3. The reality is that the MSM has taken the story they wish to run with. That way Obama can trade the spies and open trade with Cuba. Its that simple. Times like these you just want to walk away and let …… well, never mind.

  4. Political prisoners in Cuba (?). But, but…..the Cuban dictatorship has repeated year after year that in Cuba there are NO political prisoners. Ohhhhhhhhhh I am sooooooo confused.
    Oh…..well maybe they just forgot.

  5. I CAN NOT BELEAVE IT… I mean I can, but it just really upsets me. Arrested for honoring victims of the tugboat massacre. Really? I hate the Tug Boat story. It makes me really sad everytime I hear it or tell it to others. Once my son almost drowned in our pool and everytime I think of it I remember how scared he was. ANd when I think about the Tugboat Massacre, I can only imagine how scared the kids were. How hard the parents tried to keep them above water. I thank God for helping my Grandfather get his immediate family out of Cuba and allowing me to be born in USA.

    Portos would be great. I work at the Fresh and Easy in Burbank. But I cant seem to email you from here. My CPU is all messedup. But Im not worried about putting my email out there. Maybe you can email me. Like I said I just want to get another Anti Fidels Cubans perspective on situation in Cuba and USA.
    Thanks Ziva.

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