48 Hours out of Cuba — already intransigent hardliners

With only 48 hours passing since the first released political prisoners arrived in Spain and began their forced exile, they are already becoming intransigent hardliners.

The following comes from an article in Spanish from Spain’s ABC newspaper. I did a quick translation for our readers:

“The releases do not indicate an improvement in Human Rights in Cuba”

The released prisoners do not trust the Cuban government and accuse them of using the release of political prisoners to improve its image.

The last two political prisoners that arrived in Spain today have asked the European Union (EU) this afternoon not to abandon the Common Position maintained by the twenty-seven countries against Cuba. The dissidents have affirmed that it would be an error to abandon the Position because “its objectives have not been achieved.” According to the ex-prisoner Normando Hernandez Gonzalez, there has been no success in achieving the objective that Cuba respect “the human rights and inalienable rights of men.”

The other prisoner, Omar Rodríguez, has himself assured that the releases do not indicate “an improvement in Human Rights in Cuba,” and he added that they are “an attempt by the Cuban government to improve its image,” as it seeks the “lifting of the Common Position.”

The two prisoners join the other seven who arrived in Spain yesterday and have asked to appear before the Parliament of the EU to ask that the Common Position, which controls the policy of the European Union towards Cuba since 1996, not be lifted.

H/T Rayarena