Dictators and dolphins

In this article, only to be read on an empty stomach, we read about the dictator enjoying a dolphin show and are reminded of his diving prowess as a young man.  How pathetic.

In spite of the dutiful media monkeys happily spreading its propaganda, it seems the revolution’s image has lost its luster and needs a little polishing.  Why else would they dust off the old cadaver and send him out on a PR tour? 

I don’t think this relic is going to resurrect that glam revolutionary icon of old that dazzled the international glitterati. 


To quote from one of my favorite movies, “Time to die.”

10 thoughts on “Dictators and dolphins”

  1. Anybody else wonder why he would wear a jacket during the hottest time of the year for Cuba??????
    Hiding the bag?
    Here is my latest prediction. He is trying to go out with one last hurrah.Docs have probably given him a limited time to live and he has nothing to lose by overexposing himself.

  2. When Fidel Goes, I suspect the Cuban Government will have him stuffed like Trigger the Horse and displayed like Lenin. -S-

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