Oye, pero mira ques este Oil ESS-pill en Louisiana esta del CARAJO!

Everyone’s been loading up down here–ESS-Pill or no ESS-Pill.

Redfish on the half-shell, Marta! You fillet it from the backbone–but leave the skin and scales on . Place fillets scale-side down on grill, baste with butter, Adobo, Mojito and Worcestercertercescescescesterscester -shire sauce, mojito mixture….The guests are required to provide the wine…should be a doozy tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “Oye, pero mira ques este Oil ESS-pill en Louisiana esta del CARAJO!”

  1. You need to take me fishing…or at least hunting…..
    How about a man-camp road show for Babaluers?

  2. I’m game for redfish as I gotten addicted on catching them for the last four plus years…

    This my recipe:

    Plenty Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    Garlic cloves (the more the better).

    Kosher salt.



    Lime juice.

    Blend all this mixture in a mixer/blender/chopper. Pour on top of redfish fillets, bake for twenty minutes at 400 degrees.

  3. Indeed, amigo FFC. Only one this size allowed per person. Luckily we had three intransigent fisherpersons aboard. Thus we came in with three of these monsters and 12 smaller ones.

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