9 more Cuban dissidents to be exiled in Spain

The AP is reporting that in the next couple of days Spain is expecting to receive 9 more Cuban political prisoners who will be released by the Cuban dictatorship and forced into exile along with their family members under the agreement it reached with the Spanish government and the Catholic Church in Cuba. Of course, the AP is following the official line provided by the regime and its accomplices and reporting it as if these prisoners and their family members are “fly[ing] to freedom,” but Moratinos’ quote in the article is quite telling:

Moratinos said his government expected “hundreds” of people to eventually arrive in Spain from Cuba, thanks to the agreement reached with the Caribbean island’s communist government.

He did not identify the prisoners, but said all were traveling of their own free will. “They are all coming to Spain because they want to, it is important to say that,” Moratinos said. “No one is coming to Spain against their will.”

I guess he feels that if he says it enough times, it will eventually be considered the truth.

4 thoughts on “9 more Cuban dissidents to be exiled in Spain”

  1. Every time that Moratinos opens his trap, you realize just how shameless he is. His repeated bold face lies get worst and worst. Is there no end to this man? I guess its as you say, if he repeats it enough times, he figures that it’ll be considered truth.

    The only problem is that his lies are getting harder to sustain, since the regime isn’t helping him any. They aren’t meeting him halfway. As usual, castro is reneging on his promises, or is putting so many conditions on them, that they have become worthless.

    Anyway, every day Moratinos has to peddle harder and harder to do damage control. At this point, he reminds me of one of those cartoon character from the Loony Tunes that use to peddle with such fury that they would go flying off into the sky!

  2. Yes, Moratinos is despicable, like Janet Reno was, but in both cases we have a tool for a higher-up. In other words, don’t lose sight of the message’s source for the messenger. The real problem is Spain’s government and, ultimately, the Spaniards who put it in office and have kept it there.

  3. Asombra, YES!, I thought the same thing, RENO. Right now Moratino is pulling a RENO on us. Zapatero=Clinton, Morantino=Reno.

    In both cases, Castro pulled the strings. Castro was pulling the strings during Elian and now he’s pulling the strings with the dissidents.

    It’s incredible how two wealthy and powerful countries like the USA and Spain can allow a deadbeat dictator to manipulate them so much.

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