“The Return of the Jeffersonian Vision and the Rejection of Progressivism”

Excellent, excellent piece by Michael Barone:

But the fact is that we are once again, as in the days of the early republic and not in the heyday of the Progressives and the New Dealers, a republic of property owners. Most Americans have accumulated—or will, during the course of their working years, accumulate— significant amounts of wealth. And that is why, I believe, American voters seem to be rejecting the policies of the Obama Democrats. Those policies, rooted in the Progressive and New Deal tradition, are designed to encourage a culture of dependence. It is the “soft despotism” of which Tocqueville warned us 175 years ago. The American people, the property-owning majority, even in this time of economic distress, seem to be embracing instead a culture of independence, a culture as old as the republic itself.

4 thoughts on ““The Return of the Jeffersonian Vision and the Rejection of Progressivism””

  1. Obama has been an awakening for Americans who have sit idle for the past 2 decades.

    You mention the beginning of the new country & we must remember what the causes were, i.e. high taxes, continual foreign wars & bureaucrats crossing the land to harass the people.

    It’s all in that new book that I can only encourage everyone to read. It’s a small town of American citizens who do stand up to federal tyranny & ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution.

    It’s good cause it could be our home town one day. Great read.

  2. I believe it’s a good article,but i think it ignores the strong influence of the communists and socialists movements in Europe,and now a days in Latinamerica,theirs “ideals and tactics” in the way Hussein Obama is “administrating” this country.


  3. There are still too many liberals and their families that are spouting inanities non stop and supporting this administration. I know. I deal with them every day and they drive me up the wall.

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