5 thoughts on “This is a guy I can support wholeheartedly”

  1. Paul Ryan sounds very capable, however his road map has a large problem, in my opinion, and that is his interest in having a VAT type tax. He calls it a business consumption tax-but it’s a VAT with a different name. VAT taxes are all over the place in Europe-they are insidious, and are a roadmap for increasing sales tax. Proponents always say this would replace our income tax–but I am leary. When has the addition of a new tax really removed an old one? I would hate to see us burdened with VAT, along with all of our other current taxes and “mandates”.

  2. Knowing Paul Ryan and his Club for Growth credentials, I am sure he would only want a VAT instead of the income tax. The good think about that is we get rid of the IRS.

  3. As much as I hate taxes, I’ll say that as long as the VAT replaces the income tax, I’m in favor of it. That combo would be an economy booster the likes of which we’ve never seen!

  4. I see two major problems with a VAT tax. Nobody can guarantee that it will replace an income tax. What will happen is that it will “partially replace” the current income tax and then we’ll have two different forms of taxation, both of which are likely to creep upwards.

    Secondly I believe a VAT tax will create a huge underground economy with the peddling of black market (tax free) goods. In Florida we already pay 6% (7% in Dade Country). Add a federal VAT tax of say 10% to that and you could see people trying to evade it all over the place.

    I’m for a flat income income tax of the type Steve Forbes championed. Make it easy for everyone to know how much they are paying and let them spend their money on whatever they want.

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