Rare Earth or Third World?

America has never been a “third world” country. We have always been rare earth. Our greatest resource has always been our potential. Even in our earliest colonial and pioneer inceptions, through a Civil War, the Great Depression, and headlong involvement in two world wars during some of our most economically dreadful times we have always had our greatest opportunities in hand and a better horizon ahead of us. Our best American made export has always been our inherited ability to pick ourselves up and rebuild or push forward, helping each other along the way. Whether it was after natural disasters and devastation, enemy attacks, or the wrong political decisions by our government or by our own people we have been able to draw on what and who we are in this Republic. For generations others have flocked to our nation in order to mine their own potential, and to forge it into a dream realized.

Everything this nation has ever experienced, good or bad, has strengthened our backbone … until it became unseemly to some people who despise individuality and exceptionalism. No matter all that we’ve ever done for ourselves and the rest of the world we are supposed to feel some misguided shame because our would be leader priggishly apologizes with a bow for our history. The message now is that we have no potential … and the unfair perseverance of others must be taken and redistributed to those who never even tried. It’s socially just.

There are those “Americans” who are so anti-American as to try to disparage the United States as a neo-imperial Rome. Perhaps our might and strength in the world can be compared to ancient Rome, but this nation’s intentions have not been to conquer and usurp the foreign lands we send our flesh and blood into. We have gone to acquire freedom for those people who had/have yet to realize their own greatest resource of potential and tap into their perseverance, and to help them along the way.

For decades now we have been either oblivious to or lazily tolerant of the enemy within this nation that have gone about like termites chewing away at our very foundational blocks and mortar. This structure is now on the verge of collapse with the weight of the fat detrimental government that has been enabled to grow outside it’s boundaries and reach through every window and door of our liberties. Once the power is turned off and this structure is condemned we will be at the mercy of the elements of a vindictive and envious world as we stand amid the rubble that was our potential. Our country will still be rare earth. But we will be a third world population within it. Other people will not only come to mine it for themselves, but completely usurp it:

The Department of Defense has sounded an alarm about our access to a strategically vital group of metals called the rare earth elements. A report on the problem prepared by the GAO is not pretty. It concludes that the Chinese now control the production, processing, and manufacture of final products of these vital metals and now own the patents for many of these processes.

The worries of the DoD are well-justified; missile guidance systems, smart bombs, night vision gear, unmanned aircraft, and much more are dependent on the rare earth elements in some way. Without these metals, our weapons technology would be approximately that of the Korean War. Battery-powered tools, hybrid vehicles, the environmentalists’ precious windmills, and almost everything else electric cannot get by without them.

Rare earth elements have been described as the vitamins of modern technology. It took Beijing approximately twenty years to strip this technology from its birthplace in the United States and move it to China.

China’s success in capturing the entire production and manufacturing cycle for the rare earth elements is only the beginning. Their long-term strategy seems to be to repeat their rare earth coup in other sectors of mining and manufacturing …

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  1. Off-topic, but you guys have to hear the new name for Castro I, the Clairvoyant: it’s Noskagamus.

  2. Lenin , said, Capitalist will sell the rope which we use to hang them up.
    Business interest and national interest are not always in the same page.

    Our research and development is being outsource to nations hostile to our interest
    and some claim that some of our spare parts are build in such nations too.

    I favor Capitalism but the Capital not always is loyal to our Republic

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