4 thoughts on “South of the border”

  1. Bull’s eye — great work by Maria Conchita, doing the job that spoiled leftist Hollywood won’t do.

  2. She did do a nice job. I’m surprised HP included the article. The comments left by HP’s progressive viewership is typically disgusting-and misleading. I hope one of us pro-freedom people has their facts at ready hand to refute some of the vile comments that were left.

  3. Raddoc – I thought the same thing as you. I was looking with disgust at that post from Red Crow, who cites all these “facts” for Cuba under the “unspeakable” Batista. I did a search trying to find the statistics that Humberto has posted numerous times of Cuba circa 1958. I couldn’t find them though, so I’m pleading on here:
    This is war guys – if someone has those stats, would you please go into that HP article about Maria Conchita and post them in response to that Red Comemierda? Pleeeease?

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