The freedom to exploit

The U.S. Representative from Tampa, Democrat Kathy Castor, is very concerned about the Cuba situation and the lack of freedom. So concerned that she is working diligently to finally achieve some freedom after so many decades without it.

The time has come, Rep. Castor says, to finally remove the hassles and obstacles that block freedom… the freedom for Tampa businesses and other American businesses to exploit the Cuban people and enrich their slave masters.

Lawmaker: End Cuba travel curbs

St. Petersburg Times

U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Tampa, is signing onto a bill that would lift decades-old travel restrictions to Cuba, becoming the first member from Florida to do so. Her goal: To secure charter flights from Tampa International Airport and spur activity at the Port of Tampa.

“Now is the time to remove the obstacles and hassles that have prevented Cuban Americans without direct family ties and other Floridians from traveling to Cuba, and for our region to reap the benefits that freedom of travel can bring,” Castor said of the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act, which was authored by Rep. Bill Delahunt, D-Mass.

“I think the policy toward Cuba is going to change, and Tampa has got to be well positioned to maximize the job opportunities,” Castor said.

An interesting take Rep. Castor has on the ideal of freedom; while Cubans struggle to be free of tyranny and slavery, Ms. Castor struggles for the freedom to do business with their slave master.

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  1. These same liberals are the first ones to go ballistic about Walmart using “slave ” labor to bring cheap goods over here and replace American jobs.
    They are so predictable. They always claim to “care” about the poor and middle class “working” families and yet rail against lower priced goods that come from free trade. If you told them Cuba is a land of slaves, they would scoff at you. It is so much easier to cry about Africa or places in Asia that are far away and exotic. They go to see Hotel Rwanda and feel so good about themselves as they cry watching it and recommend it to everyone, but are ready to swallow whole Michael Moore’s lies.
    I am surrounded by such liberals.

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