Trapped in Cuba and losing hope

According to the Toronto Sun, 19-year-old Cody Compte, a Canadian tourist being detained in Cuba over a traffic accident, feels trapped and is losing hope. I really do feel bad for the kid and his family and I can understand and relate to the feeling of desperation that comes with having a loved one unjustly imprisoned by a lawless and cruel tyrannical regime.

Nevertheless, this whole ordeal begs the question: If he feels trapped and is losing hope after being detained by the Cuban dictatorship for only 13 weeks, imagine how Cubans must be feeling after 51 years?

Perhaps that is something the LeCompte family should have thought about and contemplated before they embarked on their vacation to that beautiful slave plantation in the Caribbean.

11 thoughts on “Trapped in Cuba and losing hope”

  1. Why would Cuba keep him? That can’t be good for its reputation.
    And will this incident not harm tourism from Canada or will they still think it’s a swell place to visit?

  2. A few months after they lift the restrictions on American tourists traveling to Cuba, Castro will have enough American tourists in jail for traffic infractions to ask for any kind of concession he wants. Watch for Jesse Jackson traveling to Cuba and meeting with Cardinal Ortega and Raul to “free” each American driver in exchange for $100 million in credits. Add to that the fees of Cuban “lawyers” and $150 dollars per day in “rooming expenses” for each prisoner, plus $250 per day for each American relative staying at government owned hotels and the Castro brothers would laugh all the way to the bank….again.

  3. Sorry, but I’m fresh out of sympathy for anybody who goes to Cuba as a tourist and has problems as a result (especially if the tourist happens to be Cuban). The ignorance excuse expired a LONG time ago. I’ve actually heard a Cuban talk about a visit to the island just like he’d just come back from a resort vacation in Puerto Rico or Mexico. let’s just say I was not amused. More like nauseated.

  4. He went to Cuba to take advantage of the plight of Cubans and get some inexpensive NUKI. Now that cheap Nuki will cost him and his family dearly. QUE SE JODAN!

  5. Not that we have told these Idiots from Canada and The UK, don’t go to Cuba”
    You don’t listen you get screwed.
    Si que se Jodan.

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