Brutal repression and detainments continue in Cuba

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

Europa Press is reporting that the Cuban dictatorship has arrested and detained between 5 and 10 opposition activists after they attempted to deliver a petition to the Cuban government with more than 52,000 signatures worldwide calling for the release of all political prisoners. The petition is part of the “I accuse the Cuban government” campaign that started after the Cuban regime’s murder of political prisoner Orlando Zapata Tamayo.

Security forces were mobilized by the dictatorship to stop some of the dissidents from reaching the government’s National Assembly with the petition, while others were not allowed to leave their homes. The identities of these dissidents are still unknown, and so is the location of their detainment.

In a related development, Yoani Sanchez informed Europa Press that several dissidents on the island have been warned to cease all movement through Monday, July 26, while an undetermined number of dissidents have already been detained and have been told that they will not be released until after the festivities on July 26.

“There have been clear warnings,” said Sanchez, “and a panic, a palpable fear at this moment,” she said in reference to the Cuban dictatorship.

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