The “lift the embargo” argument in a nutshell

Leave it to a non-politician, non-think tank member, non-lobbyist, non-“Cuba expert” to boil down the lift the embargo argument  to its bare essence. Unlike the aforementioned professional anti-embargo pundits who weave fantastical tales and make ridiculous assumptions to sell their point, this Texas rancher speaks honestly and reveals the truth that lies behind the push to reward a murderous tyranny with American tourist dollars:

This scene remains a hopeful vision for America’s farmers and ranchers: American tourists strolling down the paving-stone streets, browsing the colorful shops and enjoying the rustic cantinas of Old Havana. Why, you may ask, would a Texas rice and beef producer care? The answer can be summed up in three words — enhanced agricultural trade.

There we have the motivation behind this attempt to remove the travel restrictions to Cuba in a neat and concise nutshell.

It is not about democracy, it is not about the Cuban people, it is not even about the rights of Americans to travel; it is about cash.

Nothing more, nothing less — just cash.