Spain takes a page out of the Castro handbook

I have to admit it is quite disturbing. Although I am not under the delusion that Spain’s government possesses even an ounce of sympathy for the Cuban people, I really did not expect them to go so far as to borrow a tactic used by the Castro regime.

Spain Laments Attempts to Manipulate Cuban Dissidents

ARANJUEZ, Spain – Spain’s No. 2 diplomat on Monday lamented what he said were “clear attempts at manipulation” to which the released Cuban dissidents who were taken in by the Iberian nation have been subjected.

“There has been excessive pressure on them since their arrival and clear attempts at manipulation,” emphasized Juan Pablo de Laiglesia, who added that so far 20 ex-prisoners and their immediate family members have been accepted by Spain, a total of more than 100 people in all.

Once this first phase is concluded, a new chapter in the releases of political prisoners by Cuba will begin and additional dissidents will arrive in Spain, although no date has been set for the start of that process, he said.

After a “very tough experience” in prison, he said referring to the dissidents, “one must understand what their personal situation is” and the government “absolutely respects all their statements and analyses,” he added regarding the recent criticism of the situation that the dissidents in Spain have made.

De Laiglesia said that it was “deplorable that there has been a desire to manipulate those feelings and present them as criticisms of the government’s actions.”

The Spanish government using Castroite tactics to flip around reality and make themselves out to be the victims is quite an interesting development. It illustrates the sinister depths the Spanish government has allowed itself to descend to in order to secure their financial investments.

As Humberto would say, UN-FREAKIN’-REAL!

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  1. I paraphrase a famous quote:
    They are giving to the perpetrators the moral authority of the victims.

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