Venceremos Brigade: a profile in leftist courage

According to this AP article, the brave and intrepid Americans who are part of the Vencermos Brigade have traveled to Cuba for 41 consecutive years in direct violation of U.S. federal law. In their efforts to offer aid and promote communist propaganda, these courageous leftists are willing to risk everything in order to help Cuba’s totalitarian dictatorship.

Well… almost everything.

Upon their return, the travelers were instructed by border agents to complete questionnaires, but several said they left blank anything that might be incriminating, such as what they had purchased.

Carrying signs and huffing and puffing from the safety of a free country is courageous, but risking fines and arrest for what you believe in, well, that’s just plain crazy. Nevertheless, the courage of the left is so awe inspiring, is it not? As long as they don’t have to actually deal with the consequences of their actions, their bravery is unmatched.

In the end, as any good leftist will tell you, it is not what you do but what you say. And these members of the Venceremos Brigade, although they don’t do much, they do talk really, really big, and hold signs and placards. And that is what courage is all about, isn’t it?

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