7 thoughts on “Video of the arrival of Ariel Sigler Amaya in Miami”

  1. Great work Alberto. Thank you. You brought the emotion of the moment to all of us across this great Nation of ours who could not be in Miami to greet this patriot.
    Mil gracias y un muy fuerte abrazo lleno de Cubania y dignidad.

  2. I see this man, and I feel honored to be what I was born.
    Till death do us part, I will fight by this man’s side, and others like him, as my father did years ago, when his time called.

    I see this man, and I am honored to be of the cause.

  3. Ariel Sigler Amaya is a giant, and I cannot help but think that his words today will resonate through time until that day the regime collapses. I am just almost overwhelmed with emotions of awe, respect, love and hope watching him. Viva Ariel Sigler Amaya y Viva Cuba Libre!

  4. My eyes are filled with tears, my stomach in a knot, the lump in my throat gets hotter as I watch. So very often I become incensed and disgusted at prototypes like the woman at Winn Dixie making plans over the phone to visit Varadero. There are so many like that these days…More often than not, I just want to throw in the towel and forget. Then I watch this video and see what has been done to a healthy, vibrant, good looking young man by those damned assasins. I see his enormous courage coming through, his giant spirit undaunted, and I wonder what the heck was I thinking yesterday…
    Thanks so much Alberto, for providing us with this excellent video account.
    God bless Ariel and all others like him.

  5. Who in this video is from babalu? Would I know anyone?
    This video can’t be good for the bastards in Cuba. I hope it gets played somewhere where many can see it.

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