Now it can be told: Ana Belen Montes: U.S. Double Agent!

“I worked secretly and diligently AGAINST Castro” (don’t you intransigent Blockheads get it!)

In her diaries Ana Montes regarded U.S. sanctions against Castro’s Cuba as “cruel and unfair.” Her 1998 National Intelligence Estimate on Cuba admonished that these were totally unwarranted and counterproductive.

And yet she rots in jail, convicted of spying FOR Castro! Why weren’t Jeff Flake, Jerry Moran, Collin Peterson, Phil Peters, Sarah Stephens, Carlos Saladrigas, Wayne Smith, etc. etc. called for the defense???!!! Based on impeccable intelligence they could have sworn under oath that Castro SECRETLY ADORES these sanctions! These U.S. sanctions represent his regimes’ most potent defense line. And Castro actually views the invasion of U.S. tourists and dollars about like Gerd Von Runstedt viewed the Allied invasion of his Atlantic Wall.

These Cuba-Experts could have proved to the court how Montes –in light of their opposition to the U.S. sanctions–was actually secretly working FOR the U.S. –and obviously AGAINST Castro!!! Yet Montes’ defense counsels forsook the vital testimony of the above Cuba-Experts!!!!!!!!!

That Montes’ legal “dream-team” has escaped disbarment for the gross incompetence involved in overlooking these key witnesses is an eternal blot upon the U.S. legal profession.