Undercover Anti-Castro Militants Mobilize!


“The DGI controls the Venceremos Brigade” (Cuban Intelligence Defector Jesus Perez Mendez)

“NONSENSE!!!–you hardliner BLOCKHEADS just don’t get it! We’re actually funded by the The Cuban Liberty Council and the ghosts of Col. Sanchez Mosquera, Rolando Masferrer and Fulgencio Batista! Note our banner proclaiming the secret weapon to topple Castro–as proclaimed by any and all Cuba Experts, by Carlos Saladrigas and even by Joe Garcia!–who just told CNN’s Rick Sanchez that “No-One enjoys the Embargo more than Fidel Castro

So we here at the Venceremos Brigade (world renown for our anti-Castro militancy)–in our fight against Cuba’s bloody dictator–have no choice but to man the barricades shoulder to shoulder with the clandestine anti-Castro forces of Saladrigas, Garcia, and all Cuba Experts!

Hasta la victoria siempre!

Please watch for our upcoming campaign “Free the Cuban Three!” (Ana Belen Montes, Kendall and Gwendlyon Myers) who as fervent anti-embargo activists also longed for Fidel Castro’s destruction!

If only you BLOCKHEADED INTRANSIGENTS could have perceived their manifestly effective –but shrewdly subtle– anti-Castro militancy!!!

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