Diversionary reforms

The news wires are abuzz with articles reporting the latest declaration by the Cuban dictatorship that it intends to provide some “economic freedoms” to the Cuban people in an attempt to alleviate the misery brought on by five decades of inept and idiotic communist economic policy. While the media enjoys an orgasmic experience over this latest pronouncement, it is just another line of bullsh*t to add to the interminable list of bullsh*t declarations by a regime that is only interested in maintaining power.

These so-called reforms are actually diversionary reforms with no intention of actually changing anything of substance on the island. They are meant to divert the attention of the Cuban people and the world from the reality that Cuba is a slave plantation run by slave masters. The only reform is in the message put out by the dictatorship in order to manipulate public opinion.

In a way, I can understand the media’s elation with this latest attempt by the dictatorship to temporarily quell the rising frustration of the Cuban people by dangling an unobtainable prize before them; it gives them a temporary reprieve from the reality that they have been manipulated like schoolchildren for over 50 years by none other than a tinpot dictatorship.

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2 thoughts on “Diversionary reforms”

  1. Wait.
    I thought Cuba was free. How can you provide economic freedoms to an already free country?
    But I do love that Castro is taking people off of the government payroll.
    And the Cuban experiment has worked so well, let’s try it again here. While Cuba is “reducing” its government payroll we are massively increasing ours.
    But, not to worry, as we are copying the beginnings of the Cuban experiment in the U.S., we understand that we’ll only have to wait a half a century to begin the “reversals” Cuba is up to now……And between you and me, what’s a measly half century of misery for everyone in the scheme of things? And in the meantime the msm will continue to keep us posted that all is well.

    Come on November!

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