14 thoughts on “And the race card gets played in three, two…”

  1. By the way, I understand Rangel’s father was Puerto Rican. Ana Belen Montes should be proud of his work. Our “brothers” being “brotherly,” as usual.

  2. The CBC is making a stink. Imagine that, using the race card to cover up bad behavior. Somebody get Jesse Jackson on this, pronto. He’ll be totally objective, I’m sure. Better yet, bring in Jeremiah Wright as a special prosecutor. As for hoping Rangel and Waters resign, not unless they have no other way out of this. It’s not as if they give a shit, as long as they can get away with it somehow.

  3. And let’s be clear here: if Rangel were as white as the Queen of England and had done what he’s accused of having done in his position, he’d be every bit as disreputable and disgraceful, every bit as unacceptable as a member of Congress. He’s no worse than Barney Frank, for instance, and I’m sure there are other slimeballs in Congress who are quite white and quite disgusting.

  4. drillanwr, I assume you hear a bus coming, but don’t be too sure. Blood is thicker than water, as they say.

  5. Well, it IS time for Rangel to retire anyway, and 13 violations is rather worse than 3. Besides, he’s been at it long enough that he shouldn’t have much to worry about from a material standpoint. Waters, however, would have to be dragged away kicking and screaming. That bitch will hang on for dear life, and she’ll resort to any means necessary to stay in place, and she WILL have help. Getting re-elected, of course, will be no problem, just as it wasn’t for Marion Barry.

  6. The Marxist, anti-American bullshit artist will probably throw Maxine Waters under the bus too because he knows very well the Democrats need to get rid of this controversy before November mid-term elections.

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