A Lesson for Phil Peters

Your title “Real patriots leave their country” – apart from the rather denigrating intent – is only somewhat correct.

Yes, some real Cuban patriots do leave their country. Some by choice and some by force.

And, believe it or not, some real Cuban patriots stay in their country. Some by choice and some – like Biscet, Antunez and Tamayo – by force.

Conversely, there are some who leave and some who stay who aren’t patriots at all.

It’s all about meaning, Phil.

A Cuban patriot is one who loves and defends and fights for his patria. His homeland.

A Cuban patriot doesn’t support the system imposed upon his patria by a despot. The true Cuban patriot doesn’t put his own interests above that of his homeland. The true Cuban patriot does nothing to support the system that lays siege upon his home.

Those protesters you deride who chose to voice their opposition to the Orquestra Aragon really are patriots. Every single one of them. While that band was playing soliloquies to the elites and the system, those you criticize were fighting for the patria usurped by said system.

For a “Cuba Expert”, you certainly seem to have a disdain for Cubans, or at least those Cubans with the right to think and speak freely.

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