How can this be?

Reuters’ man in Cuba, Marc Frank, seems perplexed that after the Cuban dictatorship instituted its so-called agricultural reforms, food production is down 7.5% on the island.

It really is a conundrum for many people since communism has such a stellar history of high levels of productivity, low cost, and the slaves… I mean workers, are all happy to work for the collective good of the ruling elite.

4 thoughts on “How can this be?”

  1. Yes, another great mystery. Like how certain athletes manage to get SO incredibly packed with SO much bulky muscle, even though you NEVER see that happen with normal people, no matter how much they exercise or work out at the gym. Funny, huh?

  2. I grew up in Cuba in the early sixties and have great memory of what it went on there and clearly remember the inefficiencies of the Cuban economy in those days and how every year more and more products disappeared from the market.

    The simple truth is that Fidel Castro disastrous economic policies destroyed the Cuban economic output since the early days of the Revolution and the problem has compounded to today’s levels.

    I remember years ago in one of Maria Elvira’s programs in which one of the guests accurately commented that everything that Fidel Castro touches in Cuba turns into shit.

    Well, Fidel Castro has touched the whole island, its economy, its population and its way of life and it turned it all into shit because that’s all Fidel Castro knows how to do besides being a bloody tyrant.

  3. Well, same thing happened in the early Soviet Union (and never bounced back) after the government took over private farms and made them into collectives. They then then tried to fix it with more and more communism and control. Little or nothing on store shelves. Long lines for the government hand-outs, hoping you weren’t at the back of the line when the hand-outs ran out.

    Same thing happened/happening in Venezuela’s farms/ranches when Chavez took them over.

    Communism is consistent at 2 things:

    1. killing people in large numbers

    2. taking over and/or invading everything and f*cking it all up to destruction

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