Dr. Darsi Ferrer from Cuba

The Real Cuba has Dr. Darsi Ferrer answering questions from Cuba.

Here’s an excerpt:

Does the gradual release of all political prisoners mean a real change in the events in Cuba?
Will the government free those prisoners who refuse to leave the country, as in the case of Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet?

The first thing I want to do is to thank my dear friend Jorge Utset, for giving me an opportunity to exchange views on current issues with the readers of his website, therealcuba.com. I also want to thank his readers for allowing me to express my opinion regarding the questions that they have.
I confess that I hope this experience will be just the beginning of a regular interchange of ideas, which will help all of us to deepen our arguments in matters of common interest, in which we may have similar or diverse opinions.
The gradual release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, taking place as a result of the dialogue process between the Church and the government with the participation of the Spanish government, has similar elements to those that have occurred in previous mass releases, but at the same time it contains new elements that are of significant importance with regard to national issues.
The forced exile is one of the conditions that are part of the current release of prisoners, as it happened, for example, when prisoners were released through the efforts of former President Jimmy Carter and Pope John Paul II.
The release of prisoners also coincides with the need of the regime to improve its deteriorated international image and to try to obtain benefits that would improve its terrible economic situation.

Clearly political prisoners are used by the power elite as “exchange coins,” which can be used for blackmail or manipulate the international community, in a similar fashion to what the FARC narco-guerrillas does with the people that they have kidnapped and are keeping in the jungle. In extreme circumstances, to take these type of measures which carry little real cost for the authorities, as is the release of persons unfairly and arbitrarily convicted for simply having tried to exercise fundamental rights, have the effect of being welcomed as humanitarian gestures or indicative of changes in certain political circles or the international press. Such a practice has always borne fruits to the Government in all occasions that it has used them.
The absolute lack of good will on the part of the current rulers is evident, since these current measures, announced with bells and whistles, allowing the gradual departure of all prison inmates, is not being accompanied by any legal action that would prevent a future recurrence of new waves of repressive measures for political reasons.

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If any of you have any questions you would like to ask Darsi Ferrer, contact George Utset from the Real Cuba HERE and he will forward them to him.