History has Absolved Them (a billion times over)

“I was anti-Castro before Anti-Castroism was cool (among Cubans) ” Roberto Martin-Perez

51 years ago this very week the first Cubans to put their lives on the line against the Castro regime were ratted out and arrested. A 19 year-old Roberto Martin-Perez was among them. “Go ahead and shoot me” he snapped at Castro and (the sainted by many imbeciles) Camilo Cienfuegos who were toying with him just after his arrest. “I came here to try and kill you and would if I had a gun in my hand. So go ahead. Shoot me. It’s only fair.”

Instead he suffered 28 years in Castro’s dungeons and torture chambers. Martin-Perez’ attitude never changed– and accounted for his serving three times as long in Castro’s gulag as most victims suffered in Stalin’s.

The Aug. 1959 plot was foiled by treachery. Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo and William Morgan claimed to be part of it while secretly working for Castro. But this being a Cuban issue, Cuban exiles hold ninety gazillion different opinions on whether the pair were Castro agents all along or ratted out their “compadres” (to save their own butts) only when they heard Castro was on to the plot.

No matter, because U.S. State dept documents show that U.S. ambassador Phil Bonsal had also gotten wind of the plot and promptly alerted Castro officials to this threat against their Stalinist regime. During the “U.S.-backed dictatorship” of Batista, U.S. diplomats and CIA agents–not only kept mum on plots against Batista–but actually gave refuge in their very offices and homes to anti-Batista plotters (who often placed bombs in crowded public places.) Former U.S. Ambasador to Cuba, Earl Smith (fired for repeating and repeating that helping Castro into power was not an immensely shrewd U.S. policy) documents all these shenanigans in his book.

More insufferable intransigence here on the early reign of a (genuinely) U.S.-backed (and genuine) Cuban dictator.

Unreal: Eloy Menoyo (a Spaniard), William Morgan (an American ex-con) and the U.S. ambassador to Cuba help foil a plot by Cubans to topple the Soviet-mentored regime of Fidel Castro (the son of a Spanish soldeir who helped murder Cubans under Spanish general Valeriano Weyler) and Che Guevara (an Argentine vagabond-psychopath.)…Needless to say “enlightened” opinion worldwide regards the Castro regime as fervently “nationalist” and it’s enemies as “foreign mercenaries” or “lackeys”…..Orwell coined a term for such terminology. And Alice found it through the Looking Glass.

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  1. Anti-Castroism has never been cool, except among those who who really know Castroism and have the scars to prove it. But hey, why should the victims have a say? Just lie like Castro does, and you too can be fashionable!

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