U.S. Coast Guard — Castro’s escaped slave catcher

This is just amazing. We are helping the slave master catch escaped slaves.

US returns four fleeing Cubans and stolen boat

Havana – Four Cuban citizens who stole a boat to leave the communist island were intercepted by US authorities and sent back, Cuban authorities said Wednesday.

The Cuban Interior Ministry said the operation was “the result of an exchange of information between Cuba’s Border Patrol Troops and the United States’ Coast Guard service.”

1 thought on “U.S. Coast Guard — Castro’s escaped slave catcher”

  1. Hell, why not? JFK effectively sold the whole island and everyone on it to the Soviets to compensate for his incompetence and lack of nerve, and both he and every president after him honored that little deal. It’s pretty much set in stone that Cubans are objects or bargaining chips. You think Obama’s gonna play hardball with Castro, Inc. now?

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