Wait a second…

Wait a second! Aren’t we trying to remove sanctions against the Cuban dictatorship to promote democracy in Cuba?

“Relaxing trade and travel restrictions with Cuba would nearly double the amount we currently export annually and generate increased business activity valued at $1.1 billion, creating 6,000 new jobs,” Lincoln said. “I currently have a bill that will do just this. It will open this market once and for all, providing a boon to Arkansas’s agricultural exporters like rice and poultry producers, who are poised to prosper and profit significantly, with fewer trade restrictions. I will continue to fight to see Congress take it up this year.”

“Increased travel to Cuba will boost food demand in the country and provide the funds to purchase U.S. commodities,” said Board Member of USA Rice Federation, USA Rice Producers’ Group, and Arkansas Rice Producers’ Group Joe Mencer, of Lake Village, Arkansas. “U.S. producers and the agriculture industry would expect to meet the increased food needs … We urge support and passage of legislation that would allow for open agricultural trade and travel to Cuba.”

Do you mean to tell me all of this is just a play by certain lawmakers in Washington to cash in on the misery of the Cuban people?

Please say it ain’t so!

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  1. “Increased travel to Cuba will boost food demand in the country and provide the funds to purchase U.S. commodities surveillance cameras / police cars / bullets / and other oppressive gear in much needed demand,”

  2. Off topic….

    I need help localizing a book. Having a hard time arguing with ‘Cuban experts’ (Irish tourists), who think they know Cuba better than I do.

    Anyway, this is a book by an American female professor who went to Cuba as a ‘cultural exchange’ student. She did her research in Oriente, and while in Cuba had a change of heart. Cuban intelligence tried to recruit her. She was very good; she saw things that usually only Cubans see.

    Can any of you recall the book? Man, this is frustrating.

  3. Irish experts on Cuba. Arguing with an actual Cuban. Right. If nothing else, the presumptuousness and disrespect are astonishing, though hardly unusual.

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