Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) on Obama administration’s proposed easing of Cuban travel restrictions

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Menendez Statement on Reports of Possible Easing of Cuba Travel Restrictions

Today, US Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) released the following statement on reports of possible easing of Cuba travel restrictions:

This is not time to ease the pressure on the Castro regime — they have made no significant concessions that should be rewarded. In the last year, a fellow American has suffered and languished in a Cuban cell for the mere fact that he promoted the free exchange of information among Cuba’s repressed religious groups. To the horror of the rest of the world, the Castro regime allowed a Cuban dissident to die during his pro-democracy hunger strike. And during the past year another hunger striker has gone on life support, while the 52 political dissidents the regime said it would expelled abroad have not been freed.

Promoting travel and wide-spread remittances will give the regime a much-need infusion of dollars that will only allow the Castro brothers to extend their reign of oppression and human rights violations. Furthermore, the big corporate interests behind the push to relax the embargo couldn’t care less about whether the Cuban people are free or not — they only care about padding their profits by opening up a new market. Those who lament our dependence on foreign oil because it enriches regimes in places like Iran should not have a double standard when it comes to enriching the Castro regime, simply because Cuba offers white sand beaches 90 miles from our coast.”

10 thoughts on “Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) on Obama administration’s proposed easing of Cuban travel restrictions”

  1. Menendez should have thought about this before he supported the Che-flag President Obama.

    His words are hollow pandering to NJ Cubans.

  2. The only surprising aspect of this is the one remarking the obvious, Senator Menendez, given his record as a far lefty. Then again, it is an election year…

    How many decades have we heard the truths spoken by Menendez, and yet there’s always a bunch of useful idiotas and Politico-BigCorpseorate connivers who push to end the ‘blockade’ as they falsely call it, for their own dishonest gain.

    Whether he’s sincere or merely pandering – me suspex the latter – at least with a lefty speaking the truth, those who might otherwise ignore the caveat about feasting with panthers might now hear it.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    07 August, 2010

    “Yanqui businessmen are fools, adventurers, and
    piratical idiots. Of course we shall trade with
    them, take what is theirs, and kill them.”
    – fidel castro, ca. 1995

  3. Paul,

    Despite Senator Menendez’s “record as a far lefty,” his record on Cuba has not only been consistent, but it has also been loud and clear. He is a solid, solid ally for the cause of freedom for Cuba.

    We’re lucky to have such a powerful and loyal friend in the senate. I am positive that his voting record on Cuba is out of conviction and not pandering. If he were pandering, it would make better sense to pander to the Latin Americans, liberals and assorted sundry types that make up the state of NJ, instead of pandering to the diminishing Cuban American community.

  4. I think the whole “thinking about easing travel restrictions” from Obama is just one of many trial balloons the left floats from time to time to see how far left they’ve moved the country.

  5. Rayarena –

    Thank you for advising me as to my error re Senator Menendez, shows how wrong one can be. It was pleasing to read of his strong stance re Cuban travel restrictions, and am gratified to know that he wants to see a Cuba free from tyranny.

    Zhangliqun –

    Interesting. Seems always a factor to be considered today with various regimes and the media, the secondary purposes of measuring their progress in the info war with citizens and as well the use of news releases not so much to inform the citizenry but to condition them.


    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manapavlovian Key, Florida
    07 August, 2010

  6. Sorry fellows, but you are not going to like what I’m about to post,

    Didn’t Bob Menendez know who Barack Hussein Obama was and what he stood for by having lefties friends like Mr. Bill Ayers?

    Please give me a freaking brake.

    What I want to see now is Senator Bob Menendez having the balls (I know I’m asking way too much) to stand-up to our President in no uncertain terms and denounce him for his approach to befriend and embrace every enemy we have (not only the Castro brothers); but I know that won’t happen because Senator Bob Menendez is a DEMOCRAT FIRST and he’ll betray the cause of a free Cuba if it gets in the way of his party agenda.

    People, please face a cruel reality; Bob Menendez is a DEMOCRAT a member of the political machine bent on turning America into another Marxist country.

  7. I don’t think anyone here is counting on Menendez to stand up for the real Cuba. I suspect that this, too, is a trial balloon to determine what position to “really” take on this issue. At least til the next trial balloon says it’s time to change it again.

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