Infidel alert: St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church vs. Cordoba Mosque at Ground Zero

You are probably all aware of the Cordoba House mosque that is planned for construction just 60 paces from Ground Zero. It is raising so much local and national opposition, ire, and controversy that there is now an effort by blue collar workers pledging NOT to work the construction site.

What has hit the blogs and internet over the weekend and caught fire is the information that St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, that was right at Ground Zero on 9/11/01 and was completely destroyed when one of the WTC towers collapsed on it is consistently being delayed in reconstruction of their historic church … while the mosque is being “fast-tracked”.

Retired Greek Orthodox Priest Fr. Constantine Simones wrote a piece condemning this, and the New York City bureaucracy that is allowing this to happen:

Shame on Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the members of his Landmarks Preservation Commission for voting 9-0 to allow the building of a Muslim mosque at ground zero in New York City.

Too many Americans are sleepwalking when it comes to understanding Islamic policies during the last 1,400 years of what I see as its brutal history. No one talks about St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, which was crushed by the collapsing Twin Towers.

Why is the mosque put on the fast track to construction when St. Nicholas’ reconstruction is being hindered by New York City bureaucracy?

Wake up, America, before it is too late. The Greek Orthodox faithful of the Balkans were enslaved by Islam for 500 years. Ask me what it means to live under the laws of Islam, under Sharia Law and the Hadith. Call me and I will provide a history lesson on what can be like to live under Islam extremists.

If you have the chance tonight you can tune into my BTR show, “Infidel’s Watch” and hear Fr. Constantine Simones as we discuss this issue and Father’s experiences with living under Islamic rule.

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4 thoughts on “Infidel alert: St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church vs. Cordoba Mosque at Ground Zero”

  1. Yeah, well, Greeks aren’t even a tiny blip on the political correctness radar, and they’re considerably poorer and far less dangerous.

  2. The books and DVD produced by retired CIA Case Officer Robert Baer along with those of popular factual novelist Brad Thor well illustrate just what we’re facing.

    As for Bloomberg, he’s forever trying to compensate for his diminutive stature by bullying anyone he can.

    He does have a gift for irony however, in that for all his quacking about the rights of the islamics to build what amounts to a victory monument which serves a dual purpose as recruiting center, arsenal, and operational base from which to send forth intrigues, he remains positively hostile to the Second Ammendment.

    “Frank of Queens” and “John of Staten Island”, on their radio program, The Right Perspective,, refer to the mayor as ‘a little pile of turds’ who feels no compunction about sending his armed goonsquads to Virginia and other states to illegally tape and harass lawful gun owners and sellers.

    The State of Virginia, however, has another opinion on the matter. Recently, Virginia’s Governor reportedly notified the little mayor that officials would arrest any of the mayor’s anti-gun schutsstaffel stooges on their next illegal foray into Virginia.

    Bloomberg has no excuse.

    And by the by, just how did this billionaire make all that money, eh?

    Did he cash in an old cigar box fulla Raleigh Coupons, somethin’?

    They’re all exposed by the Net. That’s the beauty of it.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    09 August, 2010

  3. Here’s an update on this story of the islamists marking their territory, there’s an additional update today at Pamela Geller’s site, but this is ahhhh, “just before the fat lady sings” sort of post.

    All islamists lie to push their agenda. It’s ok for them to lie to do this, it’s in their so called holy book written by their pedophile founder in chief.

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