Reina Luisa Tamayo attacked again

Yesterday, Reina Luisa Tamayo, the mother of the Cuban martyr Orlando Zapata Tamayo, was again attacked by Castro thugs when she tried to leave her house to attend church.

Via Uncommon Sense:

Castros send goons to their hometown to attack Zapata’s mother (UPDATED)


Cuban security forces gather near the home of Reina Luisa Tamayo, on Sunday. Aug. 1, 2010.  (Photo via Facebook.)

The town of Banes, on the north coast of eastern Cuba, is best known as where Fidel and Raúl Castro were spawned. Before that, it was also Fulgencio Batista’s hometown.

Some of that ignominy has been washed away in recent months as a current resident, Reina Luisa Tamayo, has courageously carried on the legacy left by her son, Orlando Zapata Tamayo, a political prisoner who died Feb. 23 after an 86-day hunger strike.

Señora Tamayo and supporters, like their fellow Ladies In White in Havana, march each Sunday on behalf of Cuba’s political prisoners, from Mass at a local church to Orlando Zapata’s grave site.

And almost every Sunday, goons unleashed by Banes’ bastard sons, the Castro brothers, swarm around Señora Tamayo and her supporters, tossing threats and insults and throwing punches and kicks. The greater their fear of this old woman and her friends, the louder and more dangerous they get.

Reina Luisa Tamayo, however, has remained undaunted, her undying love for her son driving her as she becomes one of the inspirational figures of the Cuban opposition.

It happened again today, as security forces and “common” prisoners brought to the scene by the authorities surrounded Tamayo’s house, on the Embarcadero highway in Banes.

“They were punching us from behind, hitting and kicking us,” Tamayo told Radio Martí. “My son took a tremendous blow to the head.”

Tamayo called on the international community to intervene on her behalf, because “there are going to be very many dead on the Embarcadero highway.”

It’s just a coincidence that Señora Tamayo lives in the Castros’ hometown. But maybe it’s not that even after Orlando Zapata’s death and the bad publicity it brought the regime, the dictatorship has still chosen to physically attack his mother.

Maybe the Castros, especially Fidel, whose public reemergence has coincided with latest attacks on Tamayo, cannot imagine anyone else from Banes as their rival for the world’s admiration.


UPDATED, 6:10 p.m. EDT — Audio of Radio Martí interview with Reina Luisa Tamayo. She is demanding the world hold the Castros responsible for the murder of her son.

7 thoughts on “Reina Luisa Tamayo attacked again”

  1. Oh, they look brave, all right. For a goon squad. No doubt brave enough to harass, beat up or even kill a helpless older woman grieving for a son murdered by their kind. And uniformed, too. Nice touch. Very respectable and official, don’t you know. Look at them. Behold the work and accomplishment of the glorious revolution, so-called men ready to abuse defenseless women on command. And remember, there’s plenty more like them all over Cuba. What’s to be done with such people if Cuba becomes free? Does anybody believe they can ever be trusted? How can such perverse scum ever be integrated into a healthy society?

  2. Asombra:

    “What’s to be done with such people if Cuba becomes free? Does anybody believe they can ever be trusted? How can such perverse scum ever be integrated into a healthy society?”

    Asombra, bite your tongue! Remember, we’re the one people that don’t have the right to ask for justice [everywhere else in the world there are justice tribunals, but not when it comes to Cubans], less the mainstream media outlets like the New York Times starts accusing us–as they have done in the past–of having “revenge fantasies” and accusing us of being “full of hatred.” By the way, these are actual quotes.

    And regarding the attack on Reina Luisa Tamayo, I did a quick google news search and not one English-language paper mentions it, so its as if it didn’t happen. Without accountability, the regime can do anything.

    One can only imagine the blazing headlines if instead of the Cuban regime attacking Miss Tamayo, the apartheid South African gov’t in the 1980’s had attacked Winnie Mandela.

    • Reina Tamayo hasn’t been accused of terrorism. Winnie was. Nelson threw her under the bus because he did not want to be associated with the charges leveled against her.

  3. Oh, I have no illusions about anything like real justice being done in Cuba, even after it becomes free. A few big-name token cases, possibly, assuming they couldn’t manage to escape abroad first. The horror has lasted too long; it’s too pervasive, and there are too many people with their hands dirty (albeit to varying degrees). The guilty also have relatives and friends who will naturally do whatever they can to protect and defend them. There will be massive pressure, both internal and external, to “forget the past” and “move forward” (in other words, “let bygones be bygones” and “start with a clean slate”). Of course, there’s no such thing as a clean slate that’s caked with shit nobody’s bothered to scrub away, but that’ll be conveniently ignored. And as for recovery of confiscated or expropriated belongings by the rightful owners or their descendants, forget it. Like I said, it’s been too much for too long, involving too many people. Justice will be sacrificed for the sake of pragmatism.

  4. Reina Luisa Tamayo is not part of the approved script that’s being played out inside and outside Cuba. The MSM are obviously an important part of that script, and the have no intention of overriding it. That’s why people like Biscet and Antunez have been virtually ignored all along.

  5. To be a bit more accurate geographically and historically, for all you youngsters out there, the Castro brothers were born in Biran, a small town to the south of the bay of Nipes. Banes is north of the Bay of Nipes, some distance from Biran. Fulgencio Batista, however, was a native son of Banes.

  6. While Reina Luisa Tamayo and her family were being beaten by the goon squads of the Castro dictatorship yesterday Sunday….The Los Angeles Times saw fit to Print a picture of the beast on its page, A-four with the caption “Long Live Fidel!” on the very same Sunday.
    There it is for everyone to look at.

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