That there is what we spicks call a chancletazo, Senator Reid

Harry Reid’s latest bigoted statement – poor Harry obviously not being familiar with the Cuban woman – has earned him the wrath of Cubachi:

Well Harry, let me introduce myself. I am the daughter of Cuban exiles who have seen first hand the failures of liberal and socialist policies in their native country. My father in fact, was a political prisoner in Cuba for five years because the government deemed his speech against repression and dictatorship “hateful and dangerous.” Sort of like what you democrats say about the tea parties, although you have not thrown their members in jail… yet.

I can picture Cubachi reaching for the chancleta

Also Reid, in case you didn’t know, Latinos have a mind of their own. As much as I think you’re a bigoted, lazy thinker, you might have admitted what all democrats think of Hispanics who are on the right side of the aisle. You belittle us, think we need the nanny state to help us with our woes. Hispanics are actually a religious, pro-life, pro-business, and hard-working people. You know the stuff Americans are made of. I know many Latinos who work more than 12 hours a day, seven days a week, to earn their keep and give their children the life they couldn’t have in their native countries.

Americans of all colors and sizes work to put food on the table, raise their kids for a better life. We just want government to get off our backs. Harry Reid, take a walk to the House of representatives and meet with Reps. Ileana Ros-Leithen, Mario and Lincoln-Diaz Balart. Last time I checked, they’re republicans and *gasp* hold on tight Reid for this latest bit of news, they’re Hispanics!

And let the chancletazos begin…

Reid, you’re such a disgusting, low-life bigot. First you talk about Americans who visit the Capitol as permeating a dreadful odor, you say our president does not talk in a “negro dialect” and now you belittle republican Hispanics as idiots. What a creep.

Sweet justice for me, would be to see Marco Rubio enter the senate as you exit your way out to hand the keys to Sharron Angle.

As Michelle Malkin said best:

Take your ethnic plantation owner mentality, Harry, and shove it.

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  1. The two videos are also on the Campaign Spot at NR online which is read a lot, together with this underneath:

    Harry Reid’s remarks and the subsequent reactions and commentary are of national interest, of course, but it is worth noting that his son, Rory, is presently getting his clock cleaned by RepublicanHispanic Brian Sandvoal in Nevada’s gubernatorial race. Sandoval this morning declined to comment on Reid’s remarks when asked for his views by Battle ‘10, perhaps because he wants to lay low after his own recent Hispanic-related dust-up stemming from an editorial in Spanish language newspaper El Tiempo.

    In an interesting twist of timing that once again put El Tiempo in the headlines, Team Reid yesterday pointed to the newspaper’s claim that they are being shut out by the Sharron Angle campaign. The editor told KLAS-TV he’s never experienced anything like it, and a Spanish-language radio staffer told KLAS that his station’s calls to the Angle campaign go unanswered. (Note: KLAS had its own complaints about not being invited to Angle’s appearance at a volunteer rally this week, even though several other media outlets were present and permitted to ask questions.)

    The battle for the hearts and minds of Nevada’s Hispanic population is unsurprising. Their votes will be crucial in the fall election. It is notable that Hispanic voters in Clark County–the largest county in the state where close elections are decided–do tend to be Democrats, but nearly one-third of the county’s 24,000Hispanic voters pulled the lever for Republicans in the last mid-term election.

    As a follow-up to the firestorm, the Reid campaign this morning issued a statement including the following snippet:

    Sen. Reid has long enjoyed the support of many Hispanic Republicans in Nevada and he appreciates that support. Sen. Reid’s contention was simply that he doesn’t understand how anyone,Hispanic or otherwise, would vote for Republican candidates because they oppose saving teachers’ jobs, oppose job-creating tax incentives for small businesses, oppose investments in job-creating clean energy projects, and oppose the help for struggling, unemployed Nevadans to put food on the table and stay in their homes.

    The Reid campaign statement also pointed to the KLAS-TV report on the alleged media shut-out and said “despite the fact that Hispanic Nevadans now comprise nearly 25 percent of the state Angle had not conducted an open press availability since winning the GOP primary more then two months ago.” It also mentioned Angle’s position on illegal immigration, the 14th amendment and her use of the term “anchor babies” during Monday’s press Q&A to say that Angle’s “extreme and dangerous agenda for Hispanic Nevadans is something she obviously wants to hide.”

    The Reid press release ends:

    Sen. Reid will continue to wake up and fight every day for the interests of Hispanic Nevadans.

    As long as they are Democrats, of course.

    Update: I should have given credit to journalist Jeff Gillan at Channel 3 for breaking the story and getting Reid’s comments on tape. Great work

  2. Looks like Harry Reid has been taking lessons for Mr. Joe “Foot-In-The-Mouth” Biden…

    Couldn’t come at a better time, November is looking sweet…

  3. It gets ‘better’, guys:

    (LVRJ)- U.S. Sen. Harry Reid on Tuesday slammed Republicans for blocking comprehensive immigration reform and told Hispanics they shouldn’t be treated differently because “their skin’s a tone darker” than that of America’s early European immigrants. […]

    My Hungarian Grandparents both had a wide streak of Mongolian in their bloodline(s). In the spring/summer months after working and fishing outside all day they were quite “darker” than most of the “hispanics” that Reid is so color aware of. I recall gardening and fishing with them sun-up to sunset, my Grandmother covered head to toe (she would have loved a burka in the summer) with wide-brimmed hat and shear scarf pulled over her face trying to fight the ‘tan’. She looked like a bee keeper.

    • CRAP! You beat me to it, Drill!

      “Immigration is nothing new. We are a nation of immigrants. So because the wave of immigrants we have now — their skin’s a tone darker than ours — doesn’t make it any different.”

      Thanks you Massah Reid, we’s appreciate yo concern…

  4. Is this the same jerk who was claiming to the world that “America had lost the war”
    while thousands of our men and women of our Armed Services are still in battle?
    Yea….it sure is. What a looser.

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