Jersey Boardwalk game stirs up controversy?


A  boardwalk game in Seaside Heights, New Jersey has become controversial and why because the “Icon” Obama is involved. Why would a minuscule story like this be enlarged and covered, with video, on New York TV stations. Ask AP, who reported and of course, all the news agencies followed like lambs. This report shows you the defensive stupidity of the ones that are outraged:

The game features the likenesses of famous and infamous public figures and has some visitors debating whether the president’s likeness — all ears and teeth — is tasteless and should be taken down. Still others say the very idea of throwing baseballs at the president is offensive. Obama is sandwiched between likenesses of Osama bin Laden and former Boston Red Sox and Mets pitcher Pedro Martinez… Continue Reading

This is what happens when you create an iconic atmosphere and forget to understand that Obama is just another politician, that’s all! It’s a mini story but reflects how Liberals Obama worshipers are, here in America. It’s very important to read the comments there, very interesting.