“I hold the Cuban government responsible!”

With the help of Juan Amador who conferenced me in, I just got off the phone with Reina Luisa Tamayo and she has a message for the Castro regime: “Whatever happens to us this Sunday when we try once again to attend church and visit the grave of my martyred son, I hold the Cuban government responsible!”

Since I had no way of recording our conversation and her statement, here is a synopsis of Reina’s statement from my notes:

“For the past two Sundays the Cuban government has not allowed me or my family and supporters to attend church or to visit the cemetery where my son, Orlando Zapata Tamayo, is burried. The government has sent people to carry out acts of repudiation. They have pushed and shoved us, beaten us. Both my legs have been injured by the physical attacks I have endured. We only want to be able to go to church and to pay our respects at the grave of my son, Orlando Zapata Tamayo. They, however, will not let us.

“For five months my house has been surrounded by state security. The government has ordered people to harass and repress us. They have brought weapons with them–clubs and knives. These people wait until uniformed security agents are watching to push and beat us with the hopes that it will curry favor for them from the government. They hope by doing the bidding of the Castro brothers, the government will overlook how they steal from their workplaces and trade on the black market. The government will not overlook their actions because it a government of assassins!

“We have been beaten along with fellow members of the opposition that have stood next to me. My son has been beaten over the head and his back. But we will not give up, we will not kneel to the Castro brothers.

“The news media has done nothing to help us. The Catholic Church has done nothing to help us. Cardinal Jaime Ortega has never tried to contact me and has done nothing to stop the beatings we are receiving for only wanting to to go church and visit the grave of my son.

“This Sunday, at 8:30 am, I, along with my family and supporters, will once again leave the house and attempt to go to church and visit my son’s grave. Whatever happens to any us, I hold the Cuban government responsible!


At the end of her statement, Juan Amador told Reina that those of us in exile will do everything we can to help her. And for the enjoyment of the Cuban state security personnel that were listening in on the conversation, Juan told them that they should be ashamed of themselves for what they are doing to a woman, to a mother that has lost her son. They should be ashamed of what they are doing to a woman who is risking everything for their own freedom and the freedom of their children. Within seconds after Juan’s words, the call dropped, and in turn, we ended our phone call so I could write about the conversation.

Ten minutes later, Juan called me back to tell me that Cuban agents had just called him, yelling obscenities and making threats. Here are a few of the choice words they had to say to him (*WARNING: The language is strong, but it must be documented):

“You faggot! That nigger is not going to do anything. Stop being such a faggot and leave the revolution alone. You should be worrying about your own family and forget about Cuba because if you keep fucking with us you’re going to pay for it. Forget about that nigger bitch–she isn’t going to do anything and she’s not going to march anywhere!”

There you have the Cuban revolution, my friends.

If any of you want to give a word of encouragement and voice your support for Reina Luisa Tamayo, you can call her at this number and talk to her directly. She needs the support and the strength that comes from knowing she is not alone:

Tel: 0115352395169

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  1. Viva Orlando and Viva her great mother, the great heroine Reina Luisa Tamayo.

    by the way, Why the View, CBS Kate, Matt , Brian Williams, Juan from Fox , why are they not covering the story?

    And the “Black and “Hispanic ” Caucus and our president who today show himself as champion of the mosque in ground zero?

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