From “Coalition to Honor Ground Zero”

Powerful statement below: Stop the Ground Zero Mosque:


9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America

Statement of Debra Burlingame, Co-founder of 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America, in Response to President Obama’s Remarks about the Ground Zero Mosque

9/11 Families Stunned by Presidents Support of Mosque at Ground Zero

New York, NY, Aug. 14 — Barack Obama has abandoned America at the place where America’s heart was broken nine years ago, and where her true values were on display for all to see. Since that dark day, Americans have been asked to bear the burden of defending those values, again and again and again. Now this president declares that the victims of 9/11 and their families must bear another burden. We must stand silent at the last place in America where 9/11 is still remembered with reverence or risk being called religious bigots.

Muslims have worshipped in New York without incident both before and after the attacks of 9/11. This controversy is not about religious freedom. 9/11 was more than a “deeply traumatic event,” it was an act of war. Building a 15-story mosque at Ground Zero is a deliberately provocative act that will precipitate more bloodshed in the name of Allah. Those who continue to target and kill American civilians and U.S. troops will see it as a symbol of their historic progress at the site of their most bloody victory. Demolishing a building that was damaged by wreckage from one of the hijacked planes in order to build a mosque and Islamic Center will further energize those who regard it as a ratification of their violent and divinely ordered mission: the spread of shariah law and its subjugation of all free people, including secular Muslims who come to this country fleeing that medieval ideology, which destroys lives and crushes the human spirit.

We are stunned by the president’s willingness to disregard what Americans should be proud of: our enduring generosity to others on 9/11–a day when human decency triumphed over human depravity. On that day, when 3,000 of our fellow human beings were killed in barbaric act of raw religious intolerance unlike this country had ever seen, Americans did not turn outward with hatred or violence, we turned to each other, armed with nothing more than American flags and countless acts of kindness. In a breathtakingly inappropriate setting, the president has chosen to declare our memories of 9/11 obsolete and the sanctity of Ground Zero finished. No one who has lived this history and felt the sting of our country’s loss that day can truly believe that putting our families through more wrenching heartache can be an act of peace.

We will honor the memory of our loved ones. We will protect our children, whose lives will never be the same. We will not stand silent.

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  1. The Marxist, Muslim anti-American bullshit artist is going to regret BIG TIME his decision to support the building of that Mosque in NYC.

    You’ll see from this point on many New Yorkers that voted for him (I believe that NYC voted for Obama big time in 2008) to turn against him in the next Presidential election.

    Obama showed his true colors one more time and this time I believe this issue will negatively stick to him because it is going to piss many Americans both Republicans and Democrats. This is an INSULT to the victims and the families of the Twin Tower attacks and I suspect many Americans (and specially New Yorkers) won’t forgive him for this act.

    Also, whoever politician supports Obama on this issue will pay dearly this coming November, Charlie Crist had the audacity to do so.

  2. There’s only 4 possible options for Obama’s motivations to make what appears to be such a poor decision based on the conventional wisdom:

    (A) He is secretly a Muslim obeying Al-Taqiyah and public opinion be damned.

    (B) He doesn’t care if he is a one-term President (believing he can transform the nation beyond repair in only 4 years)

    (C) He plans not to even run in 2012, and will pass the ball to Hillary to finish the Marxist overhaul of the US

    (D) All of the above

  3. When asked to defend his comment at the Ramedan dinner, Obama said he was trying to assert religious freedom going back to first principles of our country.
    Oh, really? Suddenly you are interested in the founding principles of our country? Where was this interest when you railroaded the health care bill through? This guy has more chutzpah than any other president before him. But he is not the problem. That 45% of Americans who still love him are the problem.
    Come on November!

  4. Honey,

    I don’t know much about Lazio, all I know is that 9/11 is a sensitive issue for all New Yorkers (specially the city residents) and that Barack Hussein Obama stroke the wrong cord regarding this issue.

    This is an issue that will stick on Obama and he will have an extremely tough time doing damage control; thought the MSM will do its best to deflect attention from it.


    In my view options A and B are the Marxist, Muslim anti-American bullshit artist prime motivations. He surely showed his true colors on this issue and I think that he could care less about Hillary Clinton as it is all about him and his hidden agenda to destroy America.

    It is obvious that Barack Hussein Obama has many supporters that naively don’t have a clue how much damage he wants to do to this country. Obama’s support for this Mosque highlights who the real Barack Hussein Obama is and will open more eyes to a reality that they did not want to see, or acknowledge.

    The only way Barack Hussein Obama can escape this issue now is to do a complete turnaround and throw this Mosque proposal under the bus by declaring that this is not a good idea, that it hurts the sensitivity of many New Yorkers and that the Mosque should be build someplace else, but I don’t think that Obama will ever do that.

  5. And NYC mayor Bloomberg is a schmuck for supporting this Mosque proposal. He should have never done it; he completely blew it on this issue.

    I lost all respect I had for him because of this issue.

  6. Honey,

    I suspect Barack Hussein Obama chutzpah is going to get him in BIG TROUBLE with the voters and that’s OK by me.

  7. I am seeing some tiny movement in some borderline sane liberals. But the die hards remain the die hards.
    Lazio is opposed to the mosque and scolded Bloomberg for his stance. From what I understand, Lazio is one of us conservatives. Anyone from N.Y. want to clue us in about him?
    There was the mushiest article on Cuomo in the NYTimes magazine today. I don’t subscribe, my leftist boyfriend does and gives me the mag to do the puzzle. But it was hard to miss the huge photo on the cover, etc. (I am eagerly looking forward to the coverage of Lazio surely to be soon in the mag.)
    So many pages saying absolutely nothing of value. And, of course, not a word about the Mosque. But I only skimmed it because it was intolerable to read. so if I am wrong on this, I apologize.

  8. It’s no surprise that practically all black voters went for Obama and still back him. Remember DC’s Marion Barry? Remember the OJ Simpson thing? Fine (or at least predictable).

    However, anybody else who voted for Obama was being, at best, irrational. The guy was simply unfit for the office, even apart from ideological issues, and it’s a scandal that our system would allow someone that inexperienced to reach the presidency.

    People who behave irrationally (or worse) are exceedingly unlikely to ever admit they fucked up. And they won’t. They’ll blame whoever or whatever they have to blame for Obama’s failures, but they won’t accept blame for putting him in office. Bet on it.

  9. Mr. Mojito,
    LOL. No, I’d have to give up every friend I have practically. I am surrounded. But I go on NR cruises to save me.

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