“Don’t leave me THIS way!!!” wail Desperate Castroites


Oye, joven: won't you hop inside my car? I got pictures, candy I'm a lovable man and i can take you to the nearest star
Oye, joven: won't you hop inside my car. I got pictures, candy I'm a lovable man and i can take you to the nearest star

“Baby!..(U.S. tourists) my heart is full of love and desire for you..!
Now come on down and do what you’ve gotta do (save us with your mucho $)
You started this fire down in my soul!!!
Now can’t you see it’s burnin’, outta control!!!
Come and satisfy the need in me….
‘Cause only your good lovin’ (mucho $) can set me freeeeeee!!!

The left has collapsed…Its political support has collapsed. Public opinion polls point to a historic repudiation of the president and the Democratic party this fall—something on the order of a 60-seat Republican gain in the House. The GOP has an outside shot at taking the Senate as well.

Whewwwww–Dogie!” as Jed Camplett used to say. No wonder “Cuba-Experts,” The Cuba Study Group (and their Havana-based soulmates) seem so bitchy lately?…..for a while seemed like Marvin Gaye would prevail (“let’s get it on!”)–but then what appeared like a massive penetration of U.S. tourist $ met a rude and untimely legislative interruptus.

Now they’re left panting… panting…panting–So for the “Cuba-Experts” current mood, let’s turn from Thelma Houston to Freda Payne:

I wait in the darkness of my lonely room
Filled with sadness, filled with gloom
Hoping soon
That you’ll walk back through that door
And love me like you tried before!

OH, Freda, they’d probably LOVE to–but many will be out of office!


2 thoughts on ““Don’t leave me THIS way!!!” wail Desperate Castroites”

  1. If all of these predictions come true — and I pray to the Good Lord they do — I am going to ask for November 3 off, just to cure the massive hangover I’m going to have from my giddy, joyful, happy celebration of finally getting rid of these motherfucking socialist pricks in Congress…

  2. That’s probably the worst-looking picture of Castro II I’ve ever seen, and the guy was never photogenic. His face looks like the butt of an old dog. Trouble is, what’s inside looks far worse. As for Elian Gonzalez, every time I see a photo of him it makes me both sad and very, very angry. I can’t forget how many clueless (at best) and presumptuous assholes actively intervened to send him back to that hellhole that is Cuba, knowing full well he wasn’t just going home to daddy and an ordinary life. He was going back to be turned into a trophy, a showpiece for Castro Inc., which has spared no effort to brainwash him and turn him into a fucking robot. It’s an obscenity, but do you hear any of the enablers in the US expressing any concern, let alone regret or shame? Of course not. Their job is done. Mission accomplished. Bastards.

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