Foreign Media keeps nose to the grindstone in Cuba–uncovering scoop after scoop!

Despite her pleas to the news media, a grieving black mother (Reina Luisa Tamayo) couldn’t get a single foreign “reporter” to report on the Castroite seige of her house, on the racial insults and beatings she’s suffering. A more dramatic “human-interest” story is simply impossible to imagine, especially given the Oprafication of news lately. But nary a “gallant crusader for truth” (as Columbia Journalism Schools hails its graduates) could work up the gallantry or crusader spirit to report on Reina Luisa.

But if you think foreign news bureau’s have been negligent in their reportorial duties in Cuba..HAH!–think again:

“Alberto, a farmer in central Camaguey province bought two machetes and a sharpener at one of the new stores!”

Reports Reuters JUST TODAY!!!

Man! We just KNEW that–to somehow miss the Tamayo home seige–the media HAD to be neck-deep uncovering absolutely vital scoops for their home bureaus!

3 thoughts on “Foreign Media keeps nose to the grindstone in Cuba–uncovering scoop after scoop!”

  1. The other day, I was sitting at an outdoor cafe in NYC and I got into a conversation with a refined and intelligent couple. They asked me where I was from and I told them Cuba. The instant that you mention Cuba, of course fidel castro comes up. The couple told me that he was back. They saw it on the news. And I thought to myself how the media determines what people think. This couple didn’t even know who the Ladies in White are, who Tamayo was or his mother is. But they only knew that fidel was back, because the media made such a brouhaha about that. Even NY-1 which is a local TV news channel that basically limits itself for the most part on news stories in the New York area like the weather, traffic jams, local government, etc.. showed fidel castro’s “return,” [that is to say, the official edited video out of Cuba]. Yet, I have not seen one mention of Reina Luisa Tamayo. In the same vein, people are still talking to me about raul’s reforms [and mind you, these are not castroites just brainwashed people], because this is what they remember when the MSM started that news blitzkrieg a year or two ago.

    The MSM in this country is our worst enemy. They are nothing more than propagandists for the regime. As I’ve said a million times, fidel has no need to sell Gramma in the USA.

  2. Part of the reason the MSM is so viscerally anti-Cuban exiles is that they know we’re onto them; they know WE know they’re a crock of shit, and that we don’t respect them, and since they think they’re far superior to us, they can’t fucking stand it.

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