A “Cuba Expert” is falling apart

Wayne Smith, one of the media’s most highly-touted non-Cuban (is there any other?) “Cuba Experts,” continues his hysterical and sad descent into insanity. As the prospect of passage of any meaningful legislation relaxing the embargo against Cuba’s dictatorship continues to fade, Mr. Smith seems to be simply falling apart.

It seems the realization that he and his fellow “Cuba Experts” are on the verge of losing millions of dollars in funding from pro-Castro and anti-embargo organizations is too much for the lobbyist to bear. The once measured and practical Mr. Smith is now borderline hysterical as his rants become more shrill and desperate.

“The Havana government has now set free a number of political prisoners and plans to release others. If the U.S. government makes it easier to travel there, it would at any rate be a relatively small step,” Wayne Smith, who headed the U.S. Interests Section in Havana from 1979-1982, told Efe Monday.

“Cubans have their problems but they’re moving forward – why don’t we? The rest of the hemisphere’s countries have full diplomatic and trade relations with Cuba – we’re the only ones isolated on that issue,” Smith said.

Under normal circumstances, it would have been sad to watch a man who achieved such a high level of personal success make such a spectacle of himself. But in the case of Wayne Smith, “Cuba Expert” extraordinaire, it is just funny.

2 thoughts on “A “Cuba Expert” is falling apart”

  1. This bastard is the human equivalent of a maggot crawling out of a rotting corpse. I expect something mighty compromising was “captured” by the Cuban regime during his stay in Havana from 1979-82. Of course, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe he’s just a congenital SOB.

  2. ‘Cuba Expert”? Smith is ‘good’ alright but clearly, he ‘must do more’ as our bouffanted ex-president was fond of braying.

    Smith should strive to imitate in thought, word, and deed the NYSlimes quisling ‘reporter’, Herbert Matthews, who insisted that castro was an anti-communist.

    Smith also must set his ‘moral’ compass by such greats as William Wieland and Roy Rubottom, State Department commies from the 50s/60s who always took castro’s side in everything, defended him, and shouted down brave Americans such as Ambassador Earl Smith and Otto Ottepka whenver they desperatedly tried to warn America’s leaders of the legions of problems that would result from castro and his thugs taking power.

    Horrible. Thanks for the heads-up about this guy. Having watched TV news very sparingly for almost thirty years, I hadn’t heard of this prevaricator.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    17 August, 2010

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