Muslims in Cuba

CNN has an interesting article about the small population of Muslims in Cuba and the difficulties they have practicing their faith. The article listed some of the dilemmas faced by the approximately 1,500 Muslims in Cuba such as pork being a popular dish, women having to wear headscarves in the tropical heat, and the Cuban social practice of men and women greeting each other with a kiss on the cheek.

Noticeably missing from the article, however, is the fact that these Muslims must live and practice their faith under an intolerant and atheistic dictatorship that denies the existence of Allah.

I’m sure CNN meant to mention that small detail, but they probably just ran out of copy space.

3 thoughts on “Muslims in Cuba”

  1. Look for the Muslims to attempt to overtake the island once Castro falls. You can bet your culos on that. Looks like another opponent just entered the arena.

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