4 thoughts on “The Herald on the magnanimous Prince Raul”

  1. I like that the Herald wrote this. If only others would pick up on it.
    Don’t you just love it when someone in the comments calls one prisoner not a political but a criminal? It matters not if it is true; but there is that wish to justify all evil in Cuba by blaspheming one martyred person as bad. That is what is disgusting.

  2. Robert are they right, or do they just write the Potemkin version, which becomes the “accepted” version, while the true story is ignored. As pertains to this article, just about everyone, if asked right now would probably know that they heard something about the church in Cuba helping free political prisoners in Cuba, and walla! That becomes the story, and the truth is lost in the MSM kook-aid maze.

    It is my opinion that this article effectively soft sells the “story” that really matters to the regime, at least right now, the one that is the bargaining chip for easing US policy in the arena of public opinion; that they “freed” the political prisoners. This article, while doing right by mentioning the protests, and the acto de repudios against Reina Luisa Tamayo, mirrors the big MSM agenda of affirming that Cuba has released political prisoners. No mention of the forced exile and the denouncements of the regime by those lucky new exiles in Madrid. This is typical, who cares about some protests, or the complaints of an old women, by golly they released the prisoners, just as they said they would. Those words whether true or not, is what matters to the robots in Washington.

  3. The Herald is at best ambivalent, or rather, equivocal in its handling of the whole Cuba issue, especially Cuban exiles, who happen to be a very significant proportion of its customers. It simply cannot, for obvious business reasons, take the position of a paper in NY, DC or LA, but I strongly suspect it would like to if it could get away with it. I see it as “torn” between its true inclinations and the bottom line, and the result is a seemingly schizophrenic approach which satisfies nobody, as typically happens when people try to have it both ways. I personally wrote off the Herald (in both languages) long ago. It’s neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm, and I simply do not trust the enterprise.

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