Welcome the newest member of the Babalú family


Today is a proud day for Babalú Blog as we welcome our first contributor writing directly from Cuba, and the newest member of the Babalú family: Jorge Luis García Perez Antúnez.

From time to time, Antúnez will be providing us with the unique perspective of a soldier on the ground. This intransigent and hardline Cuban warrior for freedom pulls no punches, and he tells like it is. Antúnez will be submitting to us his posts, articles, and essays through various means, and as always, Babalú will translate them into English so America can read about the experiences of  a Cuban freedom fighter battling tyranny, and fighting for the liberation of Cuba.

Antúnez will be able to read your comments and emails, so please feel free to ask questions and offer this brave freedom fighter your words of encouragement.

5 thoughts on “Welcome the newest member of the Babalú family”

  1. Welcome, Antunez! For years we have admired you for your courage in fighting against the Castro tyranny. It is wonderful to see you find your rightful place among the Babalu family. Bienvenido!

  2. I am merely a visitor to babalu. I am so privileged to be able even to comment on a site which has Mr. Antunez as a member.
    How are you able to get your messages out?
    In our country we must defuse this president who would not help the Iranian people or the liberty seekers of Honduras, and who always seems to be on the wrong side when it comes to freedom. (Come on November!) So Cuba cannot look there for support, nor in our mainstream media. But here at babalu, and on many other blogs and publications, and in the hearts of many Americans, you have support.
    Thank you for your courage. And may you soon prevail and be part of the movement that brings down the destroyers of this evil regime in your country.

  3. Maybe Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, Charles Rangel, the Congressional Black Caucus, etc. will take note. Or not. Of course, the usual suspects are not the only people out there or the only ones that matter.

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