Spain will lend Castro a hand–with mace, bullets and billy clubs–during the next Maleconazo

Franco alongside his idol

When this picture was taken Cubans enjoyed almost double a Spaniards’ per-capita-income, and “gallegos” went to sleep at night dreaming of emigrating to Cuba. The “Gallegos” attitude towards us is not too different from that of our other dear, dear “Hispanic” brothers and sisters.

And just when you thought you’d maxed out on Moratinos-rage, comes this:

According to a report by Spain’s Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce on defense exports, anti-riot equipment was exported from Spain to Cuba in 2008—destined for the National Revolutionary Police and to be used for the public.

The anti-riot equipment, described in the report within articles related to defense materials, also falls under the category of chemical agents or biological toxins.

Rest of the loveliness here.


(H/T Cubapolidata)

4 thoughts on “Spain will lend Castro a hand–with mace, bullets and billy clubs–during the next Maleconazo”

  1. Cuban-Americans should be boycotting Spain.

    Flying the Spanish flag in Miami should be seen as the same as flying the Che flag at this point. 🙁

  2. You have a valid point, but its ironic that the same people (not you, but a others) will call for hating the Spanish, boycotting, going to their embassies, etc. And then when the RCC does worse they will kind of quietly wimper away into the shadows. No comments, no actions, just cowering.
    Those who will not rage against the RCC for what they are doing to Cuba have zero moral authority to speak against any other offender.

  3. Hello!8/23 10:59 PM.
    Cubans-Americans or Cubans itself.
    Traveling wonder how much on percentage USD with the Cuban Paper.-
    CUBANS-AMERICANS-travels went to Kiss Judas Iscariot.
    Cuban Americans or its Cuban which themselves came was FREE coming to this Country USA.-
    But those individuals CUBANOS-AMERICANOS
    now traveling to CUBA please hear the Music, Smell Grass Green..Blue Sky,Salty Blue Seas,Tall Palms.
    Visit New Hotels foreign,Bars,dancing Music and Girls Shows.
    “Machos” smoking Cigars drinking Rum,Vodka or Scotch.-
    Thence took a Girl CUBANA taking SEX and Sex again a CUBANA that part of some relatives probably yours Sisters and Brothers. Cowards when you return back to the USA FREE “how could you bite your hand? Before coming into the Immigrations and Customs,wash your hand’s by BLOOD & SWEAT that you don’t care.
    Looks at ours Patriotas Cubans that’s Dead !!
    Thousand still in the Jails.
    Blood is tainted by Charters,Americans,United, Mexicana,etc and CUBAN TRAVEL AGENCIES remember Sooner or later.
    Cuban history will repeat JUSTICE.
    Thanks & Cooperation
    Charles H. Garrido
    Miami Fla

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