Why the embargo has lasted so long

If ignorance were bliss, the editorial boards of the majority of newspapers in this country would be the happiest bunch of ignoramuses in the world.

The editorial board for the Louisville, Kentucky, Courier-Journal has decided to chime in on the travel to Cuba issue and like many of their ignorant counterparts, their woefully inadequate knowledge of the subject is overshadowed only by their immense ignorance. In the case of the Courier-Journal, however, it is apparent that they are not satisfied being just another bunch of historically illiterate journalists regurgitating the fallacy that the embargo was enacted to topple the Castro regime. These journalistic Einsteins want to set themselves apart and have decided to raise (lower?) the bar of idiocy a notch.

To bolster their argument that travel restrictions should be eliminated, they quote Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver. This is same congressman and member of the Congressional Black Caucus who visited Fidel a while back and had this to say about the murderous dictator: “[H]e’s one of the most amazing human beings I’ve ever met!”

U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., who has visited Cuba and who supports changing the U.S.-Cuba policy, has said, “What we’ve done doesn’t work, and it’s clear that it doesn’t work, so we need to try something new.”

If anyone is wondering how the embargo has managed to remain in place for so long, it is because the only ones arguing for its removal are those who are either sympathetic to the Castro dictatorship, or those who are ignorant of history and clueless to reality.

This is the best the anti-embargo crowd can come up with, so no one should be surprised they have failed miserably decade after decade.

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  1. Cleaver is the same fool that said:
    “To see all of these myths melt right in front of my eyes was something to behold,” he said. “We’ve been led to believe that the Cuban people are not free, and they are repressed by a vicious dictator, and I saw nothing to match what we’ve been told.”

    Then that was his excuse to drop the embargo and this year he says that we need to drop the embargo to change Cuba?

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