Czech Republic offers to take Cuban prisoners of conscience

The Czech Republic has offered to take Cuban prisoners of conscience who have been banished from Cuba and forcibly exiled in Spain.

Czech Republic Offers to Take in Some Released Cuban Dissidents

MADRID – The Czech Republic made an offer to the Spanish government and the Cuban Catholic Church to take in some of the political prisoners who are scheduled to be released in the coming days by the Castro regime.

Czech authorities are willing to provide political asylum to “two or three” Cuban opposition figures and about a dozen of their closest relatives, officials at the Czech Embassy in Spain said.

Unlike Spain’s government, who has refused to grant these exiles political refugee status in order not to offend the sensibilities of the Castro dictatorship, the Czech Republic will recognize their status as political refugees and in addition, immediately provide them with work permits, residences, and economic aid.

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  1. It’s absolutely scandalous that central European countries that have no historical ties to Cuba have repeatedly behaved far more honorably and decently toward the Cuban people than Spain, our supposed “mother.” Hell, even Germany has. It’s a screaming disgrace. Spain should hide its head in shame, but of course, one can’t feel shame if one doesn’t have any.

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