Guido Sigler Amaya facing threats

Miguel Sigler Amaya, brother of Ariel Sigler Amaya, is informing that Guido, the brother still imprisoned in Cuba as a prisoner of conscience, has been placed among common criminals. Guido has received threats and his belongings have been stolen by other prisoners. This is a common tactic used by the regime whereby common prisoners are rewarded for attacking and harassing political prisoners.

This development comes on the heels of Guido receiving a phone call from Cardinal Jaime Ortega pleading with him to accept the regime’s offer of forced exile in Spain. Guido informed the Cardinal that he would not accept forced exile in Spain as a condition to his release. He told him that if and when the dictatorship releases him, he will decide as a free man in his home whether or not to remain in Cuba, and only he would decide where he would go if he chose to leave.

Miguel Sigler Amaya states that Guido’s transfer to an area of the prison with common criminals and the subsequent threats and theft of his personal belongings is an obvious attempt by the regime to persuade him to accept the Cardinal’s offer. Miguel expressed disgust that the Archbishop of Cuba has lent himself to partake in this vile attempt by the regime to persuade his brother through threats of bodily harm to accept banishment and forced exile as a condition to his release.

3 thoughts on “***BREAKING NEWS***<br>Guido Sigler Amaya facing threats”

  1. Alberto,

    It’s so painful to understand that these prisoners are in Cuban jails are suffering all kind of human rights abuses and the world, the media are doing very little if nothing in their behalf, and to top it all the top hierarchy at the Roman Catholic Church in Cuba that should be fighting for their rights and justice has become an accomplice to all of this indignity.

    The prisoners in Cuban jails are at the Devil’s mercy because surely no one (not even God) is coming to their rescue these days.

    It’s so frustrating and painful to watch what is taking place these days that I no longer know what to think of it and I wonder if God will ever do justice to all this evil.

  2. I don’t believe there is enough justice in this world or even in the next to make up for the unbelievable human atrocities committed by this oxygen thief. Not only during the last 51 yrs (and counting), but also for the next 30+ years it would take to un-brainwash an entire generation (maybe two). All in all, we’re talking about an entire CENTURY of abuse & repression, both physical AND mental. How can any one “person” actually pay for something so unspeakable? I know satan has plenty of room reserved for this mistake of evolution in the lower part of the pits of hell for him. He’ll be checking in, God willing, in short order.

  3. Ditto the above comments, and add to that all the useful idiots, and fellow travelers endorsing this monster. And the terrible hurtful comments left on every Cuban themed article you find onlinen hell is going to be a crowded place.

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